The Talented Genius Of Architectural Designer and Goldsmith: Maya Shkedy


Geometric jewelry is the new mantra of fashion and no one has been more successful in the creation of masterpieces in this art than, Maya Shkedy.  A well-qualified goldsmith and a designer; she is also a certified architect. Her eye for beauty has resulted in the creation of YAMA Jewelry, a line of jewelry, the pieces of which are unique in their make and elegantly sophisticated in their looks.

With five years spent studying architecture and three years studying to become a goldsmith, Maya has acquired skills which are perfectly apt for her profession. Furthermore, her proficiency with “Rhino” – the 3D imaging software, has helped her to hone her skills to perfection; and bring to life her design ideas for every amazing piece of jewelry she makes.

The need to create something new has always been her driving force, as is evident in her 3D visualization of the concept of a new design for Tel Aviv University’s school of engineering. Incidentally, this also won her an architectural competition thereby establishing her supremacy in this field.

Immensely influenced by the minimalist movement in the field of artistic designing, especially for jewelry, Maya has successfully incorporated it in her concept of geometric jewelry. This coupled with her passion for adventure has empowered her in ways which are richly reflected in her extraordinary creations.


Quality-wise, there is no compromise for her. She goes to great lengths to ensure that each of her creations reflect the high standards she has set for herself both in terms of quality of materials used and the designs created. The essence of her designs stem from a beautiful amalgamation of architectural designing concepts and the aesthetics of jewelry designing. She strives to ensure that her pieces strike a perfect balance in their proportions with their clean and precise forms and lines.

Mayas focus on feminism is reflected in all of her designs. In her jewelry pieces, there is a strong sense of purpose and strength that is inherently and powerfully feminine. Women wearing pieces of her collection are sure to find themselves undergoing a transformation both in terms of their inner and outer beauty. This forms the core of her latest collection, the golden heart jewelry.

In fact, all her creative collections have has an aspect of feminine emotion as its basic core. The “De?PENDRE” collection was all about meticulously crafted geometric designs patterned in an architectonic style. They reflected deep emotions intricately woven into the delicately crafted creations. The word “dependre” itself means “depending on”. This is amply reflected in the quality and workmanship of every piece of this collection.

The “GeoMetal” collection on the other hand was a stackable collection. It was versatile and flexible and its pieces could be mixed and matched by the wearer to create her own signature style. The uniqueness of this collection lies in the fact that each piece is individually and painstakingly handcrafted by YAMA.

As the name suggests, the “Femme” collection is all about passion and desire but in an utterly feminine manner. The sharp edges with their smooth contours, the minimalistic artistry of the designs with their bold outlook seem to reflect the very core of femininity. Depicting the power of women with every piece of this collection, these pieces look best when worn alone.

The “golden heart” collection primarily focuses on the nuances of the heart of a woman. The significance and emotional value of the heart is amply reflected in the edgy geometric patterns of this collection. Individually cast in gold these pieces give a new meaning to the most classic emotion of love. These pieces when worn, truly reflects the golden heart of a woman.

With femininity forming the base of all her creations, Maya Shkedy, has managed to capture the many different facets of a woman. Her sometimes bold, sometimes delicate, sometimes passionate, and sometimes classic designs, showcase the talented genius that she is.

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