The Secret To Multiplying Your Twitter Followers


To get a lot of followers on Twitter means you are popular. Who wouldn’t like popularity?  As for me, given the chance that I could be one, I will do anything to make a lot of people notice me. Here are some tips to follow if you are thinking of increasing those numbers of followers you want to boast to your friends.

Make Beautiful Tweets

In my opinion, there are two reasons why people would like to follow you on Twitter. One is that your name is popular like being a famous star like Oprah or a famous athlete like Manny Pacquiao. The other reason is that your tweets are popular. If people know that you create interesting tweets, they will surely follow you to look for juicier bits of information you can add to the Twitter knowledge database. You can do this by regularly tweeting your own opinion about the current events. You can also put out your two cents opinion about a trending topic or you could comment on any vital information running around on Twitter.

Other Ways of Increasing Your Followers

If tweeting alone is not enough to give you the number of followers you can boast around. Then, in my opinion, it is time to make more drastic actions. Send a note to all of your friends and family and beg them to follow you on Twitter. You can do this without making a fool out of yourself by inserting the “follow me on Twitter” message on your business card, any birthday or Christmas card you send around or through the good old and reliable postal mail.

If the list of your families and friends is not enough to give you the numbers, then it is time to widen out your campaign to your acquaintances or any association in which you are a member. The bigger the association is – the better. To be able to reach out to them, you can put your message through newsletters circulated among the members of that group or by joining in their forum and getting the message across.

You can also try following members on Twitter that already have millions of followers like a movie star. Chances are some of these members will see you and follow you to find out why you are a fan.

But if you are still not satisfied with the number’s turn around, then it’s time to buy your followers. Yes you read it correctly; you could actually buy your followers as much as you can buy voters if you are a politician. All you have to do is to get the Tweet Adder application online and it could work magic on increasing the numbers of your followers. The good thing about this software is that they can deliver the results. Expect to have a few thousand followers in just a few days. That is how powerful it is.

If you are worrying about the fee, you can simply earn it back. Do you know that members with thousands of followers are a magnet for internet advertisers. And you might be surprised that any money you could earn through internet marketing would be more than enough to cover the initial investment that you dish out.

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