The Advantages of Using a Cloud Server


Cloud servers are increasingly popular with businesses using front line technology to provide online services to customers. This is because of a number of reasons, but the exact reason will depend on what reason cloud servers are important to a particular business. Everything from data centres through to website hosting are now reliant on cloud servers to provide fast and reliable access for WAN systems in private or public set ups.

The Advantages of Using a Cloud Server

WAN Public Cloud Servers Usage

Poor site load times are major reason why websites lose traffic. UX (user experience) has become a buzzword among site developers and optimisation professionals and UX is enhanced with faster site load times. The use of cloud servers operating mirror installs of websites ensures minimum load times because it’s possible for users to access a local version of the website. For example, rather than a user in London sending requests to Houston in the U.S. and waiting for data to arrive back in London, mirrored server installations provide instant access. This is great for companies with multiple locations managing their own servers, but most businesses are more concerned with data and access to that data.

Data Centre Cloud Servers in a Private Cloud

Despite best intentions, running a mirrored system is not practical because it means storing dual copies of a database. Maintaining data integrity is a primary goal of database architects and that’s why they insist on the absolute minimum of data duplication. This means data used by a business in more than one location needs to reside in the cloud where users can access or update live records rather than duplicate copies.

Cost Reductions in Application Rollout

Business that use bespoke software are increasingly turning to cloud-based user interfaces because it allows access applications to from any device in any location. Companies like Microsoft are changing their licensing methods and hosting their flagship products such as MS Office in the cloud because clients are demanding extra efficiency and they face tough competition from other cloud-based providers such as Google Docs. An average SME that paid a multiple times for a license for each installation, can now access their software under a user subscription system.

The Changing Face of IT

Ten years ago, businesses bought a desktop unit from a company like Dell and it contained all the processing power needed, but it meant buying many more processors and spending much more than necessary. These days, an SME would buy a cloud server from somewhere like DELL and set up their staff with very basic desktop systems running thin client front ends of software installs located on the server. This dramatically reduces capital expenditure on IT because businesses only buy what they need and upgrade only their servers when the time is right.

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