Six Features you Should be Looking for When Conducting a Web Based Seminar


The history of Internet is full of novel ideas and mind-boggling technologies. Some of these technologies or innovations are a little too complex to be embraced by all and sundry (Google Waves comes to mind), mainly because the general public either fails to understand the basics of the technology, or they fail to see any use in their routine lives. But some of these technologies turn out to be a revolution, precisely because they have a lot to offer for general users, and web conferencing is one such technology. While not so novel for those who are Internet savvy (since video chat has been there from very early days of Internet) but it is gradually becoming more and more commonplace, thanks to the increasing speed of Internet connections, hi-tech equipment, and reputable companies providing flawless web conferencing and webinar services for their clients. For all these reasons, we can safely assume that webinars are here to stay, and if you are an online business, you should consider using webinar for marketing or branding purposes.

Six features you should be looking for when conducting a web based seminar

You’ll have to hire a web conferencing services providing company to conduct a web based seminar, and you must consider the following features before finalizing a service.

Audio/Video streaming:

The most important, in fact an indispensible feature when you are looking to conduct a webinar is the need of uninterrupted audio and video streaming. A webinar will fall flat if there are regular interruptions in the audio and video streams, especially on part of the service provider because in that case, entire audience will be troubled by these problems. Therefore, it is important that the service provider has got the technical expertise, equipment, and bandwidth to provide uninterrupted audio and video transmission.

Application/desktop sharing:

Another must-have feature for a webinar is the desktop or application sharing. Presenters need to share graphics, visuals, charts, files, applications, and desktops throughout the presentation. Desktop sharing service will make sure that the presenter and attendees are always on the same page, and it makes it a lot easier for the presenter or host to demonstrate or explain their point.

Transferring keyboard and mouse controls:

This feature is needed if there are more than one presenters or hosts on the panel, joining in from different places. Therefore, the host or main presenter should be able to transfer keyboard or mouse control to any other presenter or even someone from the audience when needed (for question and answer session), to make sure everybody gets involved and gets equal opportunity to make their point.

Drawing tool:

Files or slides are not the only thing that a presenter needs to share; there are many instances when they will have to use a marker and a white board to illustrate some specific point during the presentation. In case of a webinar, this can be done with the help of a drawing tool that the presenter can use to draw, and explain something on the go.

Recording & Reporting:

Two very important features that you need to have for assessment. Recording is a must, so that the attendees can get a copy of the recording and go through some specific part again, if they have failed to comprehend the point during the webinar. Coming to the reporting, that is important for the organizers for the sake of evaluation. Looking at the numbers of registrations, attendees, the feedback and everything, allows them to improve and plan for a better experience next time.

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