Salesforce Tools Have Much On Offer For Your Business In Terms Of Knowledge Management


Knowledge management is all about managing, preserving and sharing key information for the management of an organization and its customers. The primary objective of knowledge management in an organization is to let the customers and members of management utilize vital facts or data associated with the organization. It is much more than dealing with simple information. A context is provided by information and data that are accumulated through knowledge. Call center employees, Sales team employees, customers, marketers and executives gain the much needed power to take prompt action as they gain more knowledge. In order to ensure that all of your customers and team members improve their transaction experience, analyze the products and work more efficiently it is truly important for you to incorporate Salesforce tools within the work force.

Salesforce tools come with an advantage for the staff members of an organization. They provide these members with knowledge management software to convey information to each other. You must consider any of these Sales force tools when you’re caught between altering compliance norms, formulating fresh marketing campaigns and strategies and announcing productive practices to get everyone on the same page. These tools are meant to help your organization achieve its long-term goals and maximize opportunities.

Salesforce Tools Have Much On Offer For Your Business In Terms Of Knowledge Management


Communifire allows all organizations to maximize their intranet, improve various levels of customer service and collaborate with colleagues more efficiently. Much of your organizational knowledge and experiences can be socialized, shared and documented by using Communifire’s simplified social management tool.

Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud is a salesforce tool that helps you push your insights and analytics into a higher level. Your sales and marketing team should possess all the knowledge required for eliminating challenges involving real data sets and closing deals more quickly and effectively.


eGain is a Salesforce tool that equips organizations with applications that help engage customers and manage organizational knowledge. The Salesforce CRM is integrated with the email and chat facilities. Customer service agents that follow the eGain tool gain knowledge at par with the best sales team as this tool improves quality of customer service.


A Knowledge Database is developed by INSITE. The brainpower of an organization is tapped under a process that’s simplified by this knowledge management tool. The best practices are shared by your organization when it acquires quality knowledge. In order to ensure a wholesome utilization of knowledge through INSITE, the collective knowledge of your team needs to be used effectively.


With the use of Klever, effective knowledge sharing feedback is provided to an organization. In order to ensure a successful knowledge management program, your organization must utilize the Klever Enterprise Assessment. For developing an action plan for managing organizational knowledge, the weak and strong areas of a company need to be underlined. Such companies may opt for a knowledge sharing assessment under Klever.

A list of effective Tools can only be prepared when they ensure quality knowledge sharing, possess features that let the process of knowledge management to be streamlined and show a simple integration of their software with Salesforce. These Salesforce tools have been listed in no particular order. It depends on the nature and requirements of your particular business to utilize these tools in the most effective order.

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