Review of the Gamer Extreme XE by Cyberpower


Review of the Gamer Extreme XE by Cyberpower

Pros: This is a system that provides intensive gaming performance and the liquid cooling feature is a great benefit.

Cons: When the fan is working extensively it could be noisy and there is no monitor included in the pack.

The CyberPower Gamer Extreme XE is a system which has an amazing speed due to its overclocked Corei7 processor and the 2 Nvidia video cards it includes.

Main Specifications of this system are as follows; this computer has a processor speed of 2.93 GHz and its processor is Core i7 940. The memory is 3 GB and the hard drive capacity is 1 terabyte and there are also 2 150GB hard drives. It possesses a blue ray burner and DVD and RW optical drives. Unfortunately with the pack there is no monitor however you can simply purchase it separately and with the 2 Nvidia graphics card which have 1GB memory separately will be providing great display. Lastly this system operates on Windows Vista Home Premium.

The beneficial aspect with this system is that since it has Core i7 processor it simply benefits the users of this gaming system to save money and spend it on some other components. With this system cyberpower has spent money on 2 graphics cards and though it has great features like this and many more it is priced at $2999 which is great for the performance it gives.

Similarly to other systems of Cyberpower this system too has an internal liquid cooling system and also the panel which holds the external fan also homes power button, eSATA port, 4 USB ports, 1 Fire Wire port, headphone and mic jacks also has an external fan control which are greatly organized and lets you maintain your system as you like.

This amazing system has 3 hard drives, 3 1GB RAM for a tripled performance, 2 optical drives, 12 in 1 card reader which are the greatest features. With the hard drive bays, drive bays and RAM slots (3 in total) it is very simple to expand this system to make it a much better performing one than it currently is.

Many companies have testes this PC through their special tests and noted that it has actually tremendously stunned them and to put all this in a nut shell, overall this system is a great one that many would like to have and it is quite good priced for the performance it offers. Unlike some other similarly priced PCs, this does not come with a monitor and this would be the only downside of this PC.

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