Review of Gateway DX4831-03


Review of Gateway DX4831-03

This desktop will be competing so well with its rivals due to its amazing performance for the price. It will be difficult for its competitors to beat this excellent system.

Main Specifications of this desktop are as follows;

3.2 GHz Intel core processor topped up with 8 GB memory and 1TB capacity of hard drive is just perfect. The optical drives BD – Rom, DVD and ReWriter, 1GB Nvidia GeForce graphics and an operating system of Windows 7 Home Premium are going to make this experience amazing.

Compared to the recent models of Gateway, this new DX 4831 – 03 has provided a better price to compete with its rivals and it has become successful.  The price $849.99 and the specifications such as the 3.2 GHz power, 8 GB  memory, 1 TB hard drive and the right price and many more have just amazed the reviewers and carried this desktop to a good place. When compared to some other systems, Gateway has not been beaten as the rivals similar systems cost more than $1000.

Though the price is much better than the rivals and recent models, this system offers a good design though it is not very much different from the previous Gateway. The USB ports, headphone and microphone jacks and the flash card slots that face front are absolutely very handy. The Photo Slide Show button which was also present with the previous model is also very useful since it will enable you to view your pictures in the flash card by pressing just one button.  The USB ports placed in the tray will be very handy for mobile phones and mp3 chargers. What differs from the old models is the eject button of the optical drives which are now placed on the right side rather than on top.

At the back there are plenty of ports and they are as follows; 2 eSATA, 6 USB ports, Ethernet, analog audio jack, digital audio, PS/2 and many more ports are going to make it so great to use this system.

This upgradable system has a great potential so you can simply upgrade it to make it much better than it actually is. The optical drive bay which is empty and waiting to be upgraded will provide a handier use. The graphics card slots, PCIe X 1 slots and many more are available.

All in all this system is absolutely perfect for so many users. It has a total of 10 USB ports, upgradable interiors, greatly performing specifications and most importantly amazing price to enable many users to access this system and have a fascinating experience.

Pros: High level performance for the price, upgradable, handy and easily accessible ports at front.

Some upgrades may not be supported by power supply.

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