Review of Dell XPS 625


Review of Dell XPS 625

Pros: This system is a great for tough game players and it provides a good performance, it is highly attractive and rich in features and it provides a great configuration options and therefore it is highly expandable.

Cons: Intel Core i7 may provide a better price to those who are interested in it.

This is a mainstream gaming pc which processes on Phenom 2 and it is actually quite a good one since it is satisfying for 3D gaming.

There are various specifications that are vitally important to be noted and they are as follows;

The processor is Phenom 2 X4940 and it has a speed of 3 GHz. The memory is 4GB and the hard drive storage capacity is 500 GB. There are DVD and RW optical drives and there is no monitor included. The graphics is ATI Radeon High Definition 4850 and lastly the operating system is Windows Vista.

Those who have always dreamt of having a great 3D system will be provided with such a PC by Dell. It has a great price and this shows that Dell as a company is trying to improve their designs. It is priced just under $1500 which provides a great gaming experience to its users. This system has a good case which looks quite an efficient design it is also expandable which means that with the slots that are available you can simply improve your pc. Also there are 1 FireWire port, 2 USB, 1 headphone and mic jacs at the panel in front and at the back there are 6 channel digital audio ports and 1 Ethernet, 6 USB, 1 FireWire, 1 eSATA and 2 PS 2 ports which would improve the experience.

In addition to all these there are many features which make this system a great gaming one which provide a better productivity too. The 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, graphics, the optical drives and many other features indicate how good this system is for gaming. Since the configurations are priced around $1000 there are a wide range of options available for you to improve and make your system suitable to your budget and requirements.

Overall this system is a good option for many people who are going to user it for gaming and some other casual tasks. With a price which is just under $1500 makes it quite a reasonable one to choose and it would definitely be entertaining its users.

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