Performance of Dell Inspiron 3D-400


Performance of Dell Inspiron 3D-400

Dell Inspiron 3D-400 15.6-Inch 3d laptop, with a combination of fulsome features and economic pricing, is a high definition show, which is worth a buy. The laptop screen is of 15.6 which is quite big and is extremely pleasurable for movie addicts and gamers who prefer a large screen than a small one. Coming to the specifications, the laptop comprises of a dual core mobile processor P340 from AMD Athlon. AMD is known for its true multitasking and multi-core performance. The processor consumes very less power and is very efficient in power consumption. The processor is famous for managing media files and conversion into various formats using software. Also, the processor supports gaming, internet and other online connectivity hassle free.

Dell inspiron 3D-400 has 3 GB of RAM space in its configuration. This allows for faster transfer rate, efficient multitasking and playing of high end games without hanging, pause or breaks. These days Wi-Fi is very common and to support and make use of this technology Dell provides Wi-Fi adapter with which one can enjoy wireless communication. Another wireless technology implemented in the laptop is Bluetooth which allows one laptop to be connected with other laptops and even mobile phones for sharing files.

Secondary memory space provided in this laptop is 320 GB. This is very spacious and is enough to store large amount of data. AMD recommends Windows 7 operating system with home premium series. It is 64 bit which makes the processor to be used to its full extent. Windows 7, the latest operating system from Microsoft is power packed with variety of features and it corrects its predecessors mistakes Vista, which had lots of flaws.

Surprisingly, the Dell Inspiron 3d-400 is provided not with Microsoft Office 2007, but office starter 2010, which is the brand new office package from Microsoft. This new technology comes with power packed features which promises to be better than its previous ones. Other necessary options include 3 mm jack for stereo phones and allows voice chat. The webcam is optimised for a decent quality picture.

The display is high definition which is the most striking feature of this laptop. The wide screen with high definition combo is simply a treat to the eyes for movie addicts. USB ports are three in number for external connectivity. Also the laptop features ATI Radeon HD 4250 graphics processor, which is a combination of powerful graphics and multi-core processing providing a superior digital entertainment experience.

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