New Norton Online Family Premier by Symantec


New Norton Online Family Premier by SymantecThe Basic Norton Online Family monitoring system, the product of Symantec, was on offer for free use by anyone till now. With the upgrading of the software, a premier version has been developed and is now on for sale. Other than the obvious analysis of online surfing, the new software has a longer history record keeping as opposed to the Basic editions, having 90 days instead of the previous 70. It also has regular activity reports that are automatically emailed to the user. The reports include the monitoring of videos that are watched on most used video sites like YouTube, not only will it report the viewing but also give a clip of the video.

This service is only provided for by Symantec in North America and is only in English. Te software can be purchased from the website by parents, school administrators or whoever needs to keep their dearest ones protected from the negatives of the net. Buyers should sign up on the products website and make a family account. The software, Norton Safety Minder can then be downloaded, but it is to be downloaded on each computer that is to be monitored. The web based service makes it possible to use the service to keep a check on most Smartphone’s.

The reports will detail mostly everything the net surfer has done during a session, even the time spent browsing. It will also give and organized and detailed history of the browsing done and the search engine inquiries done. Also you can view the users account profiles on social networks and their chat logs from instant messaging programs. In addition, with the Premier software you can specify which websites are not age appropriate or simply should not be viewed and have them blocked accordingly. All reports could be sent every week or every month, depending on what you set it to be, however if you wish to be informed more often, you can log on to the website at any time and get  the latest update.

This Premier application necessitates an OS X10.5 on an Intel Mac or PPC, and works on Windows XP SP2 too. It is priced at fifty dollar for about fifteen accounts or total of ten computers. However, the advanced monitoring system has a discounted cost of $30 for one year as a promotional technique. The original, Basic edition is still available free of cost. With a whole range of features to monitor and report one and every online act, you can rest assured that your child is not being harmed by what you deem unsuitable for them.

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