Multiple Murders In Wyoming Have The City Of Casper Talking


When you think of Wyoming, you generally think of sleepy little towns and nice communities where nothing much happens. However, on November 30, 2012, the city of Casper, the second largest city in the state, had a very rude awakening and found out that the violence of the outside world was no longer outside. It was in their community, and it had struck. Certainly, other crimes happen in Casper, but this double murder and then suicide was different. Those in the community, as well as authorities and psychologists, are trying to piece together what happened as best they can.

Sharp-Edged Weapons Used Rather than Firearms
In most instances of murder today, a firearm is the weapon of choice. They are lethal, they allow some distance from the target, and they are fast. In the attack at Casper College, that was not the case though. At this time, reports are still sketchy, but it seems as though the murderer used a sharp weapon, possibly a bow and arrow, to commit the murders.

As of yet, even the names of the murderer and the victims are not available, but this will change in the coming days as we learn more about the case. Thus far, we know there were two victims, not including the murderer who later killed himself. The victims were at separate crime scenes, and one of the victims was a faculty member. The other victim was a female, and she was slain off campus. Speculation can lead to theories that could be wild or accurate about these murders, but speculation is not evidence. We have to wait for more details to emerge to determine the true nature of the case.

What Drives People to Kill in This Fashion?
It does not take a gun to murder. People have been murdering one another since the dawn of mankind. It is what the human animal does when it wants something, when angry, when seeking revenge for real or imagined wrongs, and for countless other reasons. By hand, but stone, by axe and sword, people find a way to kill when they need to. In this case, the perpetrator probably did not own a gun. Perhaps he was unable to get a gun for some reason, such as a past crime, or he did not want to wait the mandatory waiting period for the weapon. He may have been too young to own a handgun. It is too early to tell.

No matter the weapon he used, two people are dead because of him, and the real question is why. What made him kill? What was it that broke within him and tore down the wall of morality that stops people from resorting to violence and murder? Sordid speculation will get people nowhere, but as more details start to emerge, you can be sure that law enforcement and forensic psychologists are going to be interested in following the case to see what it was that drove the man to murder.

The Fascination with These Types of Murders
When the public hears stories such as this in the media, the speculative minds on the web all chime in with their theories, and they are not often right. They fascinate people who want to know all of the details, but who will settle for filling in the missing pieces with their imagination and assumptions. Forensic psychologists who are looking at this case will want to wait until more actual evidence starts to come in before making any judgments and even then, it is possible that we will get only half the story.

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