Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 Launched


Logitech unveiled the M515 wireless mouse which you can use on your couch, bed or a pillow. The Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 features a sealed bottom case and a hand-detection sensor.¬†“As technology evolves and consumers’ habits change, Logitech continues to develop navigation devices that make it easier to control and access the things people love to do in the digital world” said Marcus Harvey, General Manager UK & IRE, Logitech.

logitech wireless mouse m515

The hand-detection sensor activates the M515 only when some one is gripping it. There is no sensor opening in the bottom and it will prevent the accumulation of any fabric fuzz on the bottom, no matter where you use it.¬†With the hyper fast scrolling feature you can browse smoothly through your long blog pages and with the click to click mode you can regain more control over the scrolling speed. Logitech M515 wireless mouse offers an amazing battery life of 2 years. You won’t have to worry about changing or charging the battery for 2 years.

For the wireless connectivity, you need to plug in the wireless receiver which will give you a smooth wireless connection without any delays or dropouts. You can also add other wireless mouse and keyboards to the same receiver as long as they are compatible.

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