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The Korean Electronics Manufacturer LG has recently launched the Flash Mob campaign to promote its products among customers. The purpose of World Record Campaign of LG is to make the Hero models of the company popular around the world through innovative marketing techniques. The Flash Mob video was used to promote LG products recently and it spread through Internet in tremendous manner attracting potential customers from all around the world. Generally brand campaigns rely on fun-filled presentations or cool entertainment events that can attract customers towards the products. “Flash Mob” has now become a novel technique to express an idea or product among huge crowd in public.

The LG World Record is sub-forum for discussing different LG products including TVs, DD Refrigerators and other home appliances with Cinema Screen design. There are many LG products which have got World Records, for instance LM8600 television model from LG has narrowest bezel. The World Record forum discusses about such products and also engages audience on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. During one such campaign, Karan a trusted LG customer came across this information in the Facebook and he expressed his wish to propose his girlfriend Pooja for marriage. The expert team at LG World Record Campaign was ready to help Karan in his endeavor and they came up with the Flash Mob idea for his marriage proposal.

LG India is one of the leading companies for Consumer electronic goods and they organized the Flash Mob event at one of the busiest malls in Gurgaon – The Ambience Mall for celebrating the festival and holiday season. The entire event was planned for a LG user named Karan Arora, a native of Delhi to surprise his girlfriend Pooja Basara by proposing her for marriage in front of a huge crowd. This event was organized in a very secret manner such that it remained a surprise to everyone. No one other than media people, dancers and event organizers knew about this Flash Mob campaign prior to that.

They hired a crew of professional dancers who would dance along with Karan for an exciting Flash Mob and help him to propose his girlfriend Pooja. Flash Mob is usually a team of professional dancers that perform some interesting actions to entertain a huge crowd in the public. At the same time, Flash Mob can also be used for promoting products among the public. Some super hit flash mob songs were “Why this Kolaveri Di” and “PSY Gangam Style” which got a huge reach among public.

LG Helps Lovers for Proposal:

Greg, Joy and Sherlock who are team of brand ambassadors for LG World Record Campaign organized an amazing Flash Mob in Gurgaon at Ambience on October 6th. When Karan Arora, a long time trusted customer of LG expressed his interest in proposing to his girlfriend for marriage, the experts of LGWR campaign came up with of Flash Mob proposal. They also wanted to record this video and use it for promoting their WR products among huge audience from around the world.

Pooja was visiting the Ambience mall for shopping along with her Friend on October 6th. Ambience mall is one of the busiest and most popular malls in Gurgaon with a huge crowd. The entire crowd was surprised when a team of professional dancers stepped out suddenly to dance in front of Pooja for some exciting Bollywood blockbuster songs.

All the people who were at the Mall started to watch the dance and were awestruck by the exciting performance of the dancers. Pooja was also wondering why all this was happening and had no clue that her boyfriend had arranged for such a sweet event to propose her. When all the dancers started making some interesting movement surrounding Pooja, Karan entered the spot and started to dance around Pooja. She was thrilled and over excited on seeing such a huge group of dancers performing beautifully and her boyfriend dancing in front of her. Then soon Karan kneeled down in front of her with a bouquet in his hands and proposed Pooja for marriage. Pooja was so excited and accepted the marriage proposal from Karan happily. This was such a wonderful memory for the couple and they rejoice this event till date.

The Key Idea:

It is really interesting to find out how it all started initially. Karan was shopping and he searched for Dual Play glassed in the World Record Forum where LG displays all its latest products. Karan already had the idea about the WR campaign through Facebook. When the mascots at the campaign were asking about the reviews on LG products, he expressed his interest on proposing his girlfriend in a unique and fascinating way. Greg who was a brand ambassador for LG got interested with Karan’s endeavor and decided to help him. Soon the team of experts including Sherlock, Joy and Greg came up with idea of Flash Mob proposal after discussing with Karan. They partnered with Gold Ocean Communications to prepare for this event.

This Flash Mob is one of a kind event that has not been tried by any other company. This shows the interest of LG towards its customers and their focus on Customer Satisfaction. They took interest on Karan’s proposal and helped him join hands with his beloved lover Pooja. LG is always known for healthy customer interaction and quality products. They strive hard to promote their motto which says “Life’s Good”. Though the entire Flash Mob lasted only for few minutes, it created a huge impression among the public and spread virally through social media websites. All the LG fans were happy to watch this Flash Mob video in YouTube and it received lot of votes and Likes in the Facebook page. LG World record campaign continues to promote WR products of LG to the world through such interesting ad campaigns.

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