Keyword Targeting for Your Website


Keyword Targeting for Your Website

If you are looking to add content to your website such as an article then you should know what keywords to target. Just like this article is ranked well because it has a few good targeted keywords and it’s a long tail phrase that people search for.

I want to share some of my tips when I am doing my keyword research to see what keyword to go after. The first thing to keep in mind is are people searching for it and if they are how many people are searching for it per month?

This is easy to tell. You can go to the Google keyword tool and find all the information out. The next thing you need to find out is the competition. Enter your phrase that you want to get ranked for in Google with quotes around it. You want to take note of the amount of websites or results you are going to b competing with.

If it is over 5 million it will be hard but not impossible. If under 1 million it will be easier. The next thing to take note of it what is ranking for that search term you put in quotes. Is the first website a YouTube video or Wikipedia? What is the first website for the organic search? If it isn’t an authority site that is on Alexa’s 5,000 or less it will be hard to outrank. Even if it is an authority site, you can still outrank it with the right keywords and the right domain name.

Now that you have done your due diligence try to gather 2-3 more keywords you want to try to get ranked for with that article. These can be your secondary keywords that Google will rank you for and normally these secondary keywords get ranked before your main does. The secondary will boost your main phrase and help it rank better in the search engines.

A great way to have your website rank really well and quickly is by having the keyword in your domain name. This is known as snipping, and you sometimes here people talk about it as a sniper site. These sites are goldmines if you find the right keyword to go with a domain name. If you chose a domain as the main keyword your site will have a guaranteed spot in Google and other search engines.

To ensure your keyword has updated stats you can check MSN. MSN updates their search engines every 24 hours or so unlike Google where it is updates every week or month. If you are having trouble picking a keyword just write an article and let it flow. Google likes to rank articles that don’t overdo it with the keyword stuffing. Don’t overdo the article with an over abundance of keywords and just let it flow from a readers stand point. Make sure it makes sense and readers will like coming to your website for answers and to read your latest posts.

Good luck on your keyword research and I hope you found this article helpful!

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