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Just How Hard is it for An Internet Marketer to Design a Website?


In internet marketing, especially if you work from home. Time is absolutely essential. There are so many different things in Internet marketing that can come up and just consume your day that it is flat out ridiculous. Just How Hard is it for An Internet Marketer to Design a Website

Many of this comes with data entry, and many of it also comes with web site technical issues, whether it is hosting, or some type of styling or formatting issue that you would like to change. Or something is just slightly off. When it comes to web site design and website management, the problem doesn’t have to be large for it to take you 3 hours to figure out.

And that is where a lot of learning comes into play. You can learn a lot by going into WordPress themes and figuring out what coding does what, or by going into your HTML files and trying to fix something that a coder has already done for you. Things you can learn include the basic structure of a website, the basic formatting and structuring of HTML, the basics of CSS, and if you’re really diving deep, maybe even a little bit of JavaScript here and there.

Side Note:There is a huge difference between things like JavaScript and PHP versus things like HTML and CSS. The way I like to explain it is that HTML and CSS is more like coding while JavaScript and PHP is more like programming.

But, say you want to start doing all of the coding yourself. Is it even possible? How hard would it be? And how would you even start to learn or where would you begin? You might have to work extra hard to clear a litte bit off of your plate especially if you are on the servce provider end of things, like an SEO company, content writing service company, or link building service company.

School VS Teaching Yourself

Many computer programmers will tell you that the best and fastest way to learn programming or web coding is to immediately start doing it as soon as possible – contrary to what you will be doing in school.

The thing about school, is that you spend weeks just learning all of the jargon, what everything is called, functionally, definitions, how programming even works, etc., when you can realistically just be learning all of this stuff along the way.

Here are a few tools to help get you started (these are ones that I use every day to teach myself):

Fire Bug: Probably the coolest software ever invented on the Internet. One great way to learn how to code websites is to see how it is done on other websites. If you like the way something is formatted, or the way something looks, and you want to do something similar, and then all you have to do is check it out with Firebug. Firebug allows you to click on elements of a website and then it shows you exactly what is happening behind the scenes coding wise. This makes it very useful.

WAMP, XAMP, or MAMP: You will use one depending on what type of computer you have. WAMP and XAMP are for Windows computers while MAMP is for Macs. These software programs allow you to install a local server on to your computer so that you can work on your website throughout the day without ever making it go live. You will be able to click through all your links and your website will act like it is live on the web – although it won’t be.


There are many great places to learn how to code websites on the web. There are many tutorial websites, for both basic and expert coders, and there are many many blogs out there – as well as many tutorials on video web sites like YouTube.

Another great place to learn is throughout the many web design forums on the internet. Since forums are interactive, and many of the web design ones are filled with absolute pros, you can usually get your questions answered pretty quickly. With the amount of tools and researching that is available on the web, it offers everything you need to know to learn how to code every aspect of a website.

The hardest part is getting your foot in the door. It may not be worth it for you to learn coding – perhaps it is more cost effective if you pay for the services as an Internet marketer. One thing is for sure, you have to love doing it, otherwise you might just end up wasting a lot of your time!

This article was written by Anthony Benedict. Anthony is an Internet marketer, and a promising young web developer by night. He teaches himself coding and programming in his spare time. Currently, he is employed by – which is a reputable Internet marketign comapny known very well for it’s white label link building service.

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