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Is Social Gaming the Future of Social Media


There really is no argument that social media has not taken the world by storm. There are mobile devices that are now being built and designed around how they may or may not function with social media applications, and social media has also become a key selling point for almost every single electronic device that is currently being manufactured. There are even social media capabilities built right into modern television sets. This all means that you will never be too far from being able to share anything with anyone that you know via one social network or another.

Social Gaming Brings New Opportunities

Why the Sudden Push With Social Media?

The answer to this question is simple. Social media is being pushed because people enjoy it. They enjoy being able to connect with friends, family and the things that they love to do the most. There are even quite a few people that can’t go anywhere without their mobile devices. They love to share everything that they are doing.

Connecting people to the things they love and enjoy the most is the basic idea of social networking, but there is another reason behind it all, and that is money. There is money to be made in social media, and there is one place that this rings true, social gaming.

Social Gaming Brings New Opportunities

Video games were originally designed to be single player experiences. This changed quite a bit when the personal computer started making its way into the homes of people all over the world. This was the first real social gaming experience, but it had more of an underground following. This would all change when Microsoft introduced its gaming network that basically did the same exact thing the computers games were doing. The only difference was that there were more Xboxes in people’s living rooms. This made it easier for more people to be exposed to the concept of social gaming, and it really took off. It made a lot of money too.

Bring In the Smart Phones

Smart phones used to be pretty expensive, and they were not something that everyone wanted. Today, smart phones are a much different story. You can find theses little devices all over the place. This has opened the doors to more social gaming experiences.

Social games are here to stay, and they are growing and evolving faster than the concept of social media. Let’s face it. Playing games is fun. It is something that just about everyone enjoys, but playing these games by yourself creates somewhat of a linear experience that is always predictable. Where is the fun in that? It gets old really fast.

Turn these types of games into multiplayer games and you something magical happens. The outcome is never the same. Turning these games into a social experience creates more of an engaging experience that everyone can enjoy. People can compete. They can share and they do it all together through a popular social network.

Is This Where Social Media is Headed?

Could social media as we know it be evolving into social gaming? It has already begun. People are now using their favorite social networks to not only communicate with their friends, but to also play games. Game developers see this as a great way to turn a profit, and social networks are starting to push games more and more.

Let’s face it. Social media did not exist ten short years ago. No one would have ever guessed that it would be where it is today, and no one would have ever guessed that games would eventually become an integral part of social media. Maybe social media is not evolving into social gaming. Perhaps the social gaming and social media are becoming one in the same.

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