Innovage Digital Photo Viewer Keychain – Reformatting Guide


We live in an age where the inventions never stop! Thank goodness in some ways because innovations like the internet has changed our lives forever. Computer technology is one of the fastest growing markets and in this article we will explore a brand new concept, the Innovage digital photo viewer keychain. Remember the days when grandparents and even parents brought out dusty, bulky albums to show off those hideous photos you hoped were lost forever!

Today, we have laptops, internet, Bluetooth, flashdrives, thumbdrives and a whole range of digital creations. It is so easy to send pictures to people via the internet and store them on a computer, few people even bother to print and maintain albums anymore. The Innovage digital photo viewer keychain is yet another step up the technological advancement ladder.

The Innovage digital photo viewer keychain is a highly inventive way of carrying photos around without having to lug the laptop with you or your digital camera. The keychain has a storage capacity of 60 or more photos in either JPEG or BMP formats, depending on the memory size installed. This concept makes possible the transfer of photos from a PC to the keychain using software in the computer.

There is a real advantage to owning the Innovage digital photo viewer keychain. It is so easy and convenient to store as many as 60 photos on one small gadget that you will anyway carry around with you.

Most everyone carries around a keychain of some sort, so why not the Innovage digital photo viewer keychain! Your digital photo keychain works along the lines of an external hard drive, holding a specific amount of data that can be displayed on a computer screen. The two formats available are FAT32 and NTFS with most devices formatted with FAT32. As the FAT32 format is not capable of holding more than 4GB of data, it may be a good idea to reformat the device to NTFS, which can store files of various sizes.

Why don’t we see how that’s done very quickly right here on this page.

Attach the Innovage digital photo viewer keychain to your PC or laptop using the USB port provided. First, make a backup of all the files on your keychain because reformatting the device will erase everything on it. You can create a folder and save the files in it. Once you have your backup, erase the data on the keychain device to make formatting easier.

On the computer, either from the start menu or from your desktop icons, select computer, right click and select manage. In the computer management window that pops up you will find storage on the right side of the window. Double click on it to bring up a new window and select disk management to get a list of drives on your machine.

Right click the Innovage digital photo viewer keychain name and click format. Now change the file system to NTFS. Click OK and the disk will be formatted to the NTFS mode.

Real simple to do in a matter of minutes and right away you can increase the storage capacity of your Innovage digital photo viewer keychain.

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