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Importance of Good Web Hosting for WordPress Blogs


Often ignored Web hosting happens to be one of the key features when you are running a website. You will be able to come across a large number of free web hosting services in Web forums that are offering you with services such as banners, Ads, or you perhaps be able to find exceedingly cheap hosting services which require a long term commitment,  and on the other side there are the expensive web hosting services. As a newbie, you already are aware of the fact that you need to have web hosting service to run WordPress, but you need to figure out what WordPress actually requires? What kinds of specifications are required? In this article, I am going to help you get through this process of choosing and analyzing the best Web host services for your WordPress blog.

What Specifications WordPress Requires?

You will be amazed to know that WordPress itself is an extremely light-weight script and it is very much compatible with nearly all the web hosts. WordPress has simple requirements such as:

–       PHP 4.3 or greater

–       MySQL 4.0 or greater

–       The mod_rewrite Apache module

Actually most of the Linux Web hosts are also preinstalled with the WordPress platform; therefore you do not need to worry about what actually WordPress requires.

Important Points To Consider

–       Your Requirements

As it has been stated above, WordPress is extremely user-friendly interface for bloggers, you are not required to have a dedicated server in this regard. So do not opt for it. Most of the top shared hosting portals are not offering limitless resources, so you should be taking full advantage of it. This is something that you really require here. But incase, you end up opting for a Web hosting service that does not offer you with unlimited specification what are you going to do here?

You need to determine how much storage capacity you require on the Internet? When you are considering running a WordPress based site, it can run exceedingly well even under 100 MB space. on the other hand, if you are offering users with downloads, and hosting your own images then you would require more spacing.

What is going to be the bandwidth of your website you will consider using? An objective of every blogger is to make his portal hit the main page of Digg and other related social media networking portals. Once you do, you will be able to generate a lot of dedicated traffic towards your site. The point is how much bandwidth your site will require? The best thing is to start low and then upgrade when required. There is simply no point of paying additional for anything that you are not considering using in the initial months.

–       Web Hosting’s Reputation

There are a large number of Web hosting services that have been able to earn reputation on this hosting industry. In this way you will be able to be sure of the fact that they are offering top-notch services. In case you are cosndierig deciding going with a service other than the ones that are credible in the industry, you need to make sure that do a thorough research on their uptime history, support reviews and reputation. Some of the recommended Web hosting services are:

–       Host Gator

–       Site5

–       Blue Host

It is important for you to choose the best one, which will ensure that you are able to run your Online operations easily and not be disappointed.

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