IBM offers virtual desktop


IBM is working through resellers to roll out a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) package that costs almost $150 per person annually. The IBM virtual desktop is said to ease the high administrative overhead normally associated with setting up VDI deployments.  The VDI package will allow the workers to access desktops from a cluster of devices, including ipads and thin clients. The users can also run the desktops without connectivity, by using an USB drive.


They could also access both Microsoft Windows and Linux- based operating system desktops. IBM will offer this package through resellers and integrators who service small and mid-sized organizations. The desktops are managed centrally, on IBM System X servers running SUSE Linux. The desktop virtualization is done via Verde Software, offered by Virtual Bridges.

The package also includes IBM’S Smart Business Foundation, a collection of management tools that ease configuration and maintenance.Each employee’s desktop will also have access to personal data, as well as personal preferences such as bookmarks for their browsers. It is estimated that 200 desktops can run from a single IBM server.

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