HP’s ProBook 4520s – A Multi – Tasked PC for Businessmen with Style


HP’s ProBook 4520s – A Multi – tasked PC for Businessmen with Style

For a very budget – friendly price of $799, HP’s ProBook 4520s is the new evolution of style and functionality that meets the needs of businessmen in all aspects. Its dark brown aluminum – brushed lid makes it professional and stylish looking.

The big 15.6 – inch display makes it ideal for small group presentations and provides a wide viewing angle without altering the beautiful colors and images produced by the LED backlit screen with a 1,366X768 resolution. The lusterless anti – glare finish of the facade keeps it from reflections that are caught from direct bright light, although it attracts fingerprints. At the top of the display is a 2 megapixel Webcam.

The heavy 5.3 pounds and thick 1.4 inch chassis of the ProBook 4520s makes it quite a load when carrying especially in long distance trips. So it is advisable for short travels only, considering that the battery life extends only up to 4 hours but can already finish one movie with extra time for your encoding tasks.

HP’s ProBook 4520s – A Multi – tasked PC for Businessmen with Style

The keyboard is spill – proof and has sturdy keys.

The full size keyboard has large keys and a dedicated number pad. The keys are sturdy, making your typing job hassle – free and comfortable. It is spill – proof and there gutters to isolate spills and drains and preventing it from going into the insides.

HP’s ProBook 4520s – A Multi – tasked PC for Businessmen with Style

Standard ports are employed in the ProBook 4520s such as the VGA/HDMI ports and Ethernet jack, situated at the left.

As with any other PCs, the ProBook comes with standard access for your connectivity and expansions. A VGA/HDMI video connection slot, Ethernet and an eSATA/USB combo ports are found at the left side of the unit while at the right, the DVD burner with LightScribe disc – printing capacity, the ExpressCard/34 slot, the flash card reader slot and two more USB 2.0 ports are situated. There are also the headphone/microphone jacks. If you want to configure for a Blu – ray drive, you just have to spend for an extra $250.

HP’s ProBook 4520s – A Multi – tasked PC for Businessmen with Style

A USB port and DVD drive is at the right portion of the chassis.

The ProBook 4520s is powered by a 2.26GHz Intel Core i5 processor with a huge memory of 4GB and a wide 320GB drive. The included Intel GMA HD graphics card is just enough for viewing high definition videos but cannot cover for playing updated games. Per HP’s company standard, a one year of limited warranty on hardware and technical assistance is inclusive.

HP’s ProBook 4520s – A Multi – tasked PC for Businessmen with Style

The HP ProtecTools allows you to update on how you want to deal with your security settings.

This PC is also equipped with the Windows 7 Professional operating system and other useful software and applications. One is HP’s ProtecTools security software which handles password management and file – sanitizing capability. Another is the Power Assistant, QuickLook and QuickWeb software. There are also new applications packaged in the unit such as the face – recognition app, the DayStarter, and Arcsoft’s TotalMedia video and audio editing software. The DayStarter shows the calendar and battery- charge update as Windows boot. Face – recognition works with the use of the Webcam.

The ProBook 4520s is a multi – tasked PC for the businessmen with style because of its wide inclusions of useful applications and the key specifications are just very ideal for the professionals in their everyday computing tasks.

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