How WYSI Can Enhance Your Business


Many business leaders like to think in terms of OODA loops. OODA stands for observe, orient, decide, and act. This refers to how quickly you and your business can gather information, decide how to respond to that information, and then actually respond. In the fast-paced business world, you are always competing with someone else to be the fastest and most innovative. In this competitive climate, the business with the fastest OODA loops tends to be the most successful, and when that business is competing with another business, the objective is to disrupt the other’s loops. A robust, cutting-edge internet presence is the best way to accomplish all of these goals.

How WYSI Can Enhance Your Business


Your first order of business is going to be developing a strong and robust internet presence. The best way to start that effort is to develop a website. Websites are your company’s home on the internet. They need to be cutting-edge without being garish. Trends in web design come and go; if you are out of the loop for a little while, your website can quickly become outdated. Just like walking into a restaurant with outdated decor or a clothing store with no contemporary styles, an outdated website can be an instant turn-off to a customer. So, you should employ a company such as WYSI to enhance your internet presence and keep it up to date.


So, once you have an artfully crafted website, you have to figure out how to get people to visit it. Obviously, the old-fashioned way still works; you can shake hands and hand out business cards, but that’s not necessarily the most effective method. You should definitely look into SEO services. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is a set of techniques designed to make your website more visible to search engines. That means it will appear higher up on potential clients’ search results. This in turn drives traffic to your website.


So much of internet use these days is happening not on computers but on mobiles; therefore, establishing a presence on people’s mobile phones is essential as well. For a website, this is usually as simple as designing a mobile version of the site; these are stripped-down versions of your website which are easier to load and navigate on the smaller screen of a mobile.

However, if you are offering some kind of service, especially one that is internet-based, you definitely need an app. An app makes it easier for you to communicate with your clients; also, it makes customers more likely to visit your site more often. When they are navigating on the web, advertisements and links tend to pull them away from your site. With an app, your business remains the focus. You can learn even more about this from a company such as WYSI which specialises in creating full internet experiences.

With the responsiveness of an app, a sleek website, and a constant flow of traffic, you can build an internet presence that responds quickly to changing market forces. That’s how you speed up your OODA loop and outpace your competition.

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