How to Encourage Participation on Twitter


How to Encourage Participation on Twitter

Many individuals and businesses are beginning to see the benefit of having a Twitter account. Twitter, which was created in March of 2006, has become one of the fastest growing social networking websites today. There are over 200 million users and it is estimated that over 60 million tweets are sent out via Twitter on a daily basis. Whether you are using Twitter for personal or business use, you need to have followers to get your message out and get traffic to your account. Here are some tips on how to encourage participation on Twitter.

Keep It Interesting

In order to encourage participation on Twitter, you have to keep your tweet interesting. No one will respond back to tweets that are just boring. When you create the short title for your tweet, you need to make sure that you make it something that will catch your follower’s attention. Also you want to keep your tweet from sounding too much like spam. If your Twitter account is for business, don’t just tweet stuff about your business. You should try to add a personal tweet about yourself or your family to make your tweets feel more human.

Create Contests

Another way to encourage participation on Twitter is to create a contest. Almost everyone loves to win cash or some type of prize. You can create a contest to provide a prize to the person who gets a certain answer about your business or another topic correct. You can also create a drawing in which the person who retweets your tweets the most wins a prize. The more contests you have, the more participation you will receive on your Twitter account.

Create a Genuine Discussion

Many people love to give their opinions on topics that are important to them. In order to encourage participation, you should create a genuine discussion on a range of different topics that may affect your followers. For example, if your company focuses on educating consumers about debt, you could start a discussion on Twitter about the best methods to getting out of debt and give feedback on the methods your followers have used.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are often used at the end of a tweet to mark a keyword. Using hashtags is a great way to encourage participation on Twitter because all Twitter users can view popular hashtags and click on the links to the tweets. By doing this, you can keep your followers informed with the latest news and gain more followers as well.

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