How Technology Can Brighten Your Future: 7 Career Building Tools


In a world powered by technology, if you are unfamiliar with the foundational tools used by today’s businesses you might find yourself left behind in the job market. The opposite is also true; the more you know about common business software the more employable you will become. There are six essential tools that you will need to learn in order to brighten your future career.

How Technology Can Brighten Your Future- 7 Career Building Tools

1. Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheets are at the core of most business operations and data management. It is an excellent way to collect data and organize it in meaningful ways. This is considered the standard for using tables to organize data and people that have mastered this provide a skill set that would benefit almost any employer and business environment.

2. Microsoft Word

Although many are familiar with this software, few know Microsoft Word in-depth. Correctly formatted invoices and letters are essential to a professional image and desirable from employees. The employee that knows this tool will not only produce higher quality work, but also produce it faster.

3. Microsoft Outlook

Outlook provides the communication center of most operations. It has task, calendar, and email features that are collaborative with coworkers. With a deep knowledge of Outlook you can manage all of your duties, meetings, and communications in one place. Knowing the in-and-outs regarding elements of Outlook like Microsoft Exchange and coworker collaboration on products can be a quick way to boost productivity and thus is a desirable tool to know.

4. Microsoft Access

Databases are becoming more and more important as more data is readily accessible to us. Access is a tool that organizes databases and is capable of making relationships from multiple databases. This program is incredibly useful for things such as organizing databases or even just collecting data.

5. Adobe Indesign

Making forms is something that can be done with other tools such as Microsoft Word, but Adobe Indesign is really the kind of form creation. It allows you to format the document how you choose and select effects such as embossing, transparency, fade, and many other options. It provides you with the tools to make elegant and beautiful forms that represent your business and the professional image that you want.

6. Adobe Acrobat Pro

PDF’s are a standard in document sharing. It retains formatting better than other programs and can be read by almost any computer. Knowing Acrobat Pro gives you the ability to manipulate and convert these files to the format that you need it in.

7. Online Education

More then anything, furthering your education is one of the most important tools that you can apply to your career. And with the technological advances we have these days, you don’t even have to leave the convenience of your home. Ohio University Masters Degree in Coaching is one of the many choices you have for programs, and will find them all very user friendly and engaging.

These tools will provide you with excellent tools to excel in almost any business environment. Knowing these products will help you speed up your work by spending less time figuring out the technology and more time being productive.

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