How Important Is Internet For Online Gamers?


Without internet, there will be no online gamers as such type of games relies solely on it. Another important point is the speed and reliability of the connection as it is the main cog in providing satisfying, lag-free experience. Below are a few internet services options that you can choose from.

Satellite Internet 

As the term suggests, it makes use of geostationary satellites. It brings internet connection to rural places that are out of the service area of cable internet providers. Its only requirement is that your southern sky should be clear so that it can send data in high speeds. Depending upon the capability of the provider, the upload speed may vary. A satellite internet’s maximum upload and download speed is 10 Mbps and 1Mbps respectively. There are a number of companies that offer such services.


 Cable internet is a favorite among urban areas. Unlike satellite internet, it’s not affected by weather disturbances. This is because the cables are installed below the ground. As for speeds, it boasts of 3-15Mb but bear in mind that it is split among the subscribers in one service area. One can easily apply for this type of internet service. More often than not, the providers will not charge you installation fees when you sign up. Optimum Online is a good choice if you want to get hooked-up to cable internet to play online games.


This option makes claims that it’s the fastest among all internet service types. It has 20 Mbps downloading and 5Mbps uploading speeds. Big-wigs such as Comcast and AT&T offer this service. Verizon FiOS is a safe option if you want a reliable in-home fiber-optic internet connection. If you prefer the at-the-box alternative, AT&T is your best bet.

Serverpronto offers total control to users through its customized hosting solutions. Fiber optic connections, Multitier 1 10GBPS internet backbones, 24/7/365 customer support and money back guarantee make it one of the most reliable choices in the hosting market. To get cheap deals on its products, redeem Serverpronto coupons.

Tips in Boosting Internet Speed

 Why wouldn’t you boost your internet speed if it’s possible so that you can enjoy an optimal online gaming experience? Here are few extra tips

  • Mull over upgrading your broadband. Take the speed a notch higher at the very least. Don’t forget that more often than not, online games occupy most of the bandwidth so it will require a decent if not really blazing speed. It is advisable to have connection speed that is not lower than 5Mbps.
  • Make sure you have good latency. This is the length of time a data packet travels from point A to B. If the gaming server gets the notices quickly, it can respond promptly and there’d be fewer lags. Utilizing a proxy software application might do the trick.
  • Work on your computer so that it stays in perfect shape. No matter how fast your internet connection is, it will be no good if you can’t rely on your computer’s performance. These two must work hand in hand. Ensure that there is more than enough disk space and all the pieces are in good working order especially the RAM.

In order to get a better idea of what packages internet service providers actually offer, see what comes up using this tool.

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