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How Celebrities Have Used Social Media For Good Causes


How Celebrities Have Used Social Media for Good Causes
Celebrities are not usually known for using social media for anything other than marketing themselves. However, there are several stars that have been good examples of how to use Twitter and other sites to benefit others, not just themselves and their egos. We could all take a cue from the certain celebrities who are supportive, positive, and charitable on social media sites. Here’s how celebrities use social media to be Do-Gooders.

Reward Twitter Followers for Supporting a Charity
Eva Longoria advocated TwitChange, which allowed Twitter users to bid on opportunities to have a celebrity follow them, mention them in a tweet, or respond directly to them. All of the proceeds from the bidding wars went to a fund that supports a care center for patients with cerebral palsy, autism, and other disabilities. The TwitChange movement did another bidding challenge in which the proceeds went to Operation Once in a Lifetime, which supports members of the armed services.

Quitting Twitter to Raise Money
In 2010, a number of influential celebrities “died” on Twitter. They all pledged to stop using their Twitter accounts until $1 million was raised for a charity called Keep a Child Alive, which was founded by Alicia Keys to bring awareness and services to areas inflicted with AIDS. Fans of each celebrity were told that in order to get their favorite star resurrected from the dead and back on Twitter, a text had to be sent to the charity with the name of their favorite star. For every text the fans sent, they had to donate $10 to the cause.

Supporting the Troops
Last year a brave 23 year old in the Marine Corps asked Justin Timberlake to be her date to the Marine Corps Ball via a YouTube video. The video went viral and was brought to his attention, and he said yes! Not only is this such a positive example of showing your thanks to the troops, but it is such a morale boost for the soldiers, knowing that they are appreciated. Timberlake posted an account of his evening at the ball on his personal blog, and gushed about how “moved” he was to be among his heroes for a night. Similarly, Mila Kunis was asked to go to a different Marine Corps Ball via YouTube as well. Reportedly, Kunis and her date for the evening are still in contact. That kind of support for the troops proves that social media can be used for a good cause.

While it is not as easy for us normal folk to garner widespread support for charities as it is for celebrities, using social media can still be a great tool to get the word out. We can learn from celebrities who use their place in the public eye for good by trying creative ways to get support, as well. Plus, it if goes viral and catches the eye of a star, they might be willing to help out, too.

This and many other educational articles helping educate people on the use of social media for good causes have been prepared for you by Travis Lee thanks to SEOMap, you can read more by the SEOMap team at Sexy Social Media.

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