Healthcare Content Marketing: The Basics


Many industries are beginning to adopt a “content marketing” strategy because simply advertising and self-promotion aren’t connecting consumers to businesses. In the healthcare industry, content marketing can make huge strides for companies looking to seek out their ideal consumers and create long-lasting relationships…and what company wouldn’t want that?

In its most basic form, content marketing is about telling a story and using that story to inspire people. Whether that inspiration is aimed at other businesses looking to invest or patients looking for a new doctor, content marketing can work on all of them. And the best part is that crafting a successful content marketing campaign is no mystery. Take a look at the five steps below that will outline the basic steps of content marketing and how your healthcare-based company can utilize them.

Find Your Story
Content marketing is really just story telling for businesses. It’s a way of communicating what your company stands for, who makes up your company’s core, and who your company is looking for. Just like the bedtime stories your parents read to you as a child, a great content marketing campaign is an enjoyable story that gets passed on for years to come. Therefore, your first priority when entering the world of content marketing is to find out just what exactly your company’s story is. This is where your company can get personal, share experiences, and talk frankly. Making your company sound “human,” especially in the healthcare industry, can break down numerous barriers that exist between you and your patients, clients, partners, consumers, etc.

Know Your Audience
You can’t market to people you know nothing about. Make it a point to find out who your audience is and what their wants and needs are. Then, figure out how your company can relate to these people. A personalized campaign will give your company an even bigger “human” feel and will calm consumers that fear healthcare conglomerates. The healthcare industry is intimidating and confusing enough; knowing your target audience can only help build a bridge that offers safety and comfort to your consumers. Survey your clients, review your social media efforts, and take notice of what people are saying about your company. Your campaign will feel customized and trustworthy.

Be Patient
No great content marketing campaign was hatched over night. The most important thing to remember when embarking on any marketing efforts is that giving your project enough time and water to grow is the only way to yield optimal results. Be patient and watch where your campaign is working and where it’s not working. Giving yourself enough time to experiment with new words and new images will only give you more statistics to work with, resulting in a more personalized campaign for your audience. And if all else fails, don’t be afraid to try something new. Content marketing should always be evolving and adaptable.

Use Different Mediums
Content marketing comes in many shapes and sizes, so be sure to branch out your own efforts to various mediums. Your consumers can be engaged in many ways from podcasts to newsletters to case studies. Every company’s audience will respond to different mediums and you’ll soon learn what works best. If you find your blog posts are receiving a lot of comments, consider investing more time and effort into crafting well-written blog posts that speak to relevant industry topics and invite users to join in on the discussion. If many users are signing up for your email list, consider ramping up your email marketing efforts. Send out stories from patients, Q&A’s with doctors, and interesting facts to grab people’s attentions. However your audience connects with you, be sure to craft stories every step of the way. These stories will be shared and passed along, increasing your company’s reach.

Create A Call To Action
The ultimate goal of content marketing is to convince your readers to do something. Whether it’s to come into your clinic, buy your product, or subscribe to your YouTube channel, your content marketing efforts should always aim to accomplish a goal. In marketing terms, this is called a call to action. This can be anything from a “Call Now” banner to a “Subscribe Here” button, or even a “Buy Now” button. And while putting in a blatant command for your consumers might seem too direct and forward, it actually yields better results than excluding a call to action altogether. Sometimes telling your audience exactly what you want from them is the best way to get things done. Play around with different types of calls to action and see how your consumers respond. Eventually, you will have worked out a formula for getting your consumers from point A to point B in an effective manner.

The healthcare industry has longstanding barriers between its companies and its consumers. These barriers exist because giant conglomerates that deal with medical issues can be intimidating and even frightful. However, content marketing can destroy those barriers and make it easier for your healthcare-based business to relate to your consumers.

Pete Wise is a Copywriter working for 20/20 Institute Indianapolis. They have years of experience and top-rated doctors performing LASIK procedures every day. Seeing the best eye doctor in Indianapolis is as simple as reading the information on the website, seeing if LASIK is for you, and picking up a phone.

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