Google is Taking Over The World! Or Just Helping Your World Be Easier


Google. Does it ever seem like Google controls the world? Or at least the way you search through it? It’s very possible that it does. Or perhaps, it at least manipulates what you see or don’t see. I don’t know if it actively manipulates anything, but just the fact that we can manipulate Google means that the Goog can very easily manipulate us.

Now that I’m done making Google sound like the evil darkness in Mordor, let’s talk about the cool things that Google can do, more specifically, Google Chrome.  Some think only smartphones can add easier usability to their lives. This is not the case.

For a long time I had no idea that Google had little software widgets that are submitted by programmers (companies, whoever creates them really) and offers us the ability to have easy to use programs right in our browser. There are pieces for every different kind of user. Creative user. Business user. Or just someone who wants something to make little tasks easier.

They are called Google Chrome Apps, and you can find them at

From there you can browse the many different pieces that Google Chrome has to offer. I did some looking and there really are plenty of Apps for anyone interested. Here are just a few that I came across that I thought were interesting and not your typical App.

EverNote Clearly

Let’s say you are reading a blog on a website that has plenty of visual distractions like ads and pictures and moving pieces. All you want is to read the blog that seemed interesting enough for you to click on, well, EverNote Clearly to the rescue.

“Clearly makes blog posts, articles and webpages clean and easy to read. Save them to Evernote to read anywhere.”

All you have to do is click and everything because easy and simple and much less complicated for your eyes. Customize, organize and save your different ways of reading without too much stuff distracting you.

Distraction Deterrent

This is a very interesting App that helps keep you focused on your work. Certain websites such as Facebook are already in the Apps categories, so when you go to that website the App “Forces you to pause before loading a distracting website.”

A page pops up saying that you have to wait 20 seconds before entering the page, AND are you sure you should be looking at the website? It could be just enough to make you close the tab and go back to work.

Collusion for Chrome

“Visualize the invisible websites that track you.” That’s what it says. Basically thousands of companies and organizations work secretly to gather your personal data and see how you move around, browse and use the Internet. This app graphs the movement of your data from the websites and trackers that take your information and show you in real time where it’s going.

These have to be the most interesting Apps I came across. I don’t think I want to know, though…

Apps are not just for your Apple or Android, you can easily use these Apps through your Google browser. Be productive or find an easier way to share movies. Whatever you want to do, there is probably a Google Chrome App for it.

About Author: Miscelleana Rhinehart adds pieces of her expertise into her writing. By helping Michigan Buick dealers, photographers and others, Ms. Rhinehart enjoys sharing information.

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