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About the Google Disavow Tool

As we all know, Google has just released the new Google Disavow tool and I am sure many of you are baffled as to what it is and how to use it.   While there are many ways you could use it, I am going to suggest the correct ways below on how I would use it to help benefit you.

The first and by far most important tip I will give you is, if you don’t know how to use this tool or feel you could mess up, don’t use it.  Consult with your SEO firm, or consult with an expert that you may use that does understand it.  Ask the professional questions though.  This tool if used correctly could help remove penalties from you site and rank your site back up where it was, before your site received the penalty.

What to use the Google Disavow for

  • Received an unnatural link request and have done everything you can do to try to get bad link types removed.  It’s a must that you try to get the links removed first though, before you use the tool.
  • If you know that you or your SEO company may have used some spam link types in the past, it’s a great idea to use this tool to so you don’t get penalized for them in the future.
  • As we know, reverse SEO or negative SEO some call it is very popular and is used to reverse the ranking affects to someone rank.  For example, for many years competitors that wanted to bring someone’s site down in that was in front of them could easily just use software to spam links across the internet quickly and Google would penalize them some for this.  I know that this works, because we had two of our competitors do this to us and yes Google penalized us for it.  However after Google analyzed our links and seen an extra 10,000 links in a 24 hour period they realized what happened.  If the Disavow tool would have been around, we could of added those links to the tool quickly to avoid any penalty.

What not to use the Google Disavow for

  • Do not use this tool to try to get competitors links taken down.  Many are already talking about this and if you’re caught there will be severe consequences to pay with Google.

Don’t use this to submit 10,000 links to, because Google is going to know that you didn’t take the time to try to take any links down at all.  Note: Google reserves the right to ignore your Disavow list that you gave them if it looks bad to them.

This is a guest post by Matthew Boley, owner of an internet marketing firm, Affordable SEO Services Inc. This article was written about an SEO consultant  to educate and inform others. Follow Matthew’s blogs and other Seo information at

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