Gateway ID49CO7u Review


Gateway ID49CO7u Review

The Gateway ID49CO7u is a low -budget laptop with a pretty standard performance. But what it lacks in performance, it more than compensates in looks. The slim machine portrays a beautiful and elegant demeanor that makes it look more expensive than it really is. The gorgeous device prides in its domineering silver matte finish and a polished metal trademark logo on the exterior. The same silver matte finish covers the palm rest and the keyboard, while the bottom and the bezel are shiny black.

The machine is powered by intel core i3 350M processor with a speed of 2260 MHz. It also comes with an integrated graphics chipset HD also from intel. The installed memory capacity is 4 GB DDR3 with a memory speed of 1333 MHz. The storage armour consists of a single 500GB hard disk drive that works at a top speed of 5400 RPM. This armour is bolstered further by other storage facilities like; memory stick, SDHC Card, SD/MMC Card and XD-picture Card.

The networking shores are taken up by ethernet 10/100/1000 mbps and 802.11n/b/g Wi -Fi wireless. The machine operates with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, which is boosted by other softwares like; Microsoft Works, Nero 9 Essentials, Gateway MyBackup and CyberLink PowerDVD 9. You will also get in -built microphone and Webcam as part of the bargain. The ID49CO7u comes ensuite four USB ports, only that three of them are crumped up on one side( right side ) and that affects their performance. It also comes with HDMI and VGA video interface.

The keyboard announces its presence with its beautiful silver matte keys, that are big and properly spaced. The stylish, flat keys are not without grey areas, as they are quite slipperly and harbour dust and other foreign properties. The keyboard also comes with volume controls and a key for social networking that allows you to access Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. The touchpad is pretty smooth, solid and glows with a faint blue light. Sadly, the touchpad is pretty unusable compared to others. The 14 incher has a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels and exhibits colourful, crisp and precise pictures. It also has great viewing angles as well. Its video playback does not disappoint either as movies flow seemlessly, but you are advised to run only one program at a time as multitasking is not ID49CO7u’s forte. The speakers, found above the keyboard, are a letdown.

The device weighs 5.5 pounds when fully ensuite. It measures 13.5 by 9.7 by 1.3 inches. The machine costs a pretty affordable $580, and as you would expect for such a price tag, Gateway made some concessions.

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