Flomio Launches the NFC Revolution! FLoJack, FloCase Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Miami Entrepreneurs to Begin Production of FloJack- Brings NFC to iOS, Android Legacy Devices

MIAMI- November 26, 2012- Flomio, a Techstars Cloud 2012 company, is excited to announce that the FloJack, FloCase Kickstarter project (NFC Technology for iOS, Android devices) has soared past its initial funding goal of $80,000.  Today is the last day to purchase the devices at the Kickstarter discounted prices before it goes into production upon completion of the campaign.  The FloJack and FLoCase are scheduled to ship in March.

“We are thrilled with the success of this campaign, and are overwhelmed at the support from the Kickstarter community,” says Tim Ronan of Flomio.  “This is only the beginning for Flomio, and we will continue to work with our backers to deliver products that will prompt the NFC ecosystem.  We want all smartphone users to embrace the power of NFC, and realize its true potential to make everyday tasks smoother and quicker.”

What is the FloJack?

FloJack is a tiny dongle that easily inserts into the 3.5mm port of the iOS or Android legacy device which then enables NFC.  With Flomio’s NFC Actions App, users can read or write an NFC tag or one of Flomio’s ZAPPs to create a new experience.

What is the FloCase?

The FloCase is an NFC-packed case for the iPhone.  It features a TouchTip design which allows the NFC touch to become a natural movement- Simply point it at the NFC reader.  It will be crafted from Polycarbonate material for durability and slimness. Metal would interfere with NFC transmission. Sustainable natural rubber, as opposed to silicon, will be used for added protection.  A case lock will also be created from the rubber material.

What is NFC?

NFC (“Near Field Communication”) is similar to Bluetooth except it uses touch to create connections between your phone and the world.   Essentially, it is a wireless conversation between two closely held devices, and it has the potential to completely change the way we integrate technology in our everyday lives.

Here’s how it works: When an NFC device comes close enough to a tag, a chip inside sends a stored message.  This little message then tells your phone to do something.  For instance, the Zapps can open apps, play music, or launch videos.  Users can even program the tags to give a friend directions, schedule a meeting or send reminders- just to name a few.

Additionally, new connections can be made between two NFC-enabled phones.  Users can digitally transfer content, photos, videos and more just by touching devices.

The FloJack will retail at $59.99 MSRP.  The FloCase will retail for $129.99 MSRP.  You can pre-order the devices on Kickstarter at reduced prices.  For a full list of pledge options, please head to Flomio’s Kickstarter page.

About Flomio
Flomio, a Techstars Cloud 2012 company, is comprised of four entrepreneurs with a vision of a complete NFC future.  Founder, Richard Grundy, has more than 12 years of experience at Motorola R&D focusing on embedded systems.  John Bullard worked with Microsoft, and also developed enterprise software in Washington.  Tim Ronan brings years of creative development to the team with a resume that includes Volkswagon Fast, The Creek South Beach Art Hotel, and Rawkus Records.  Rounding out this impressive squad is Fernando Cejas, Android developer and member of the Google Developer Group.  He created one of the most popular NFC apps- the NFC Quick Actions for Android.  Flomio is based in Miami, Florida.

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