CNC Machinery – Buy New Or Used?


Implementing CNC machinery is a great way to increase production in the shop and to streamline a number of different processes into one central location. When a company makes the decision to purchase a lathe, mill, or laser, many factors must be taken into account. Before you even search for qualified programmers to run the machines or sell products produced on the CNC mill, you need to first select the machine and decide whether you want to purchase new or used.

Pros Of Buying New CNC Machinery
If a shop has the budget, purchasing brand new CNC devices is the best approach. Purchasing new equipment entitles a shop to longer warranties from the manufacturer in the unfortunate event that the equipment breaks down. Additionally, buying new directly from the manufacturer often includes free set-up, diagnostics, and employee training from certified technicians. The quicker you get the CNC machinery set up and implemented, the sooner production can start.

Pros Of Buying Used CNC Machinery
Obviously the number one selling point of purchasing used CNC equipment is the price. You can often saved thousands of dollars on used CNC machinery, many of which run perfectly for 10 or more years. It’s even better to buy used CNC machines if you have an experienced programmer on staff. Somebody with years of knowledge in the field can help get other employees up to speed in order to start production.

Cons Of Buying New CNC Machinery
Putting brand new CNC equipment in your shop is going to put a pretty significant dent in your yearly budget and vastly increase the year’s overhead. In small shops, employees might actually show resentment at brand new equipment being implemented, thinking that money could’ve been better spent on wage increases. Also, installing brand new CNC machinery is going to require patience, as you might not see any return on your investment for a few months.

Cons Of Buying Used CNC Equipment
Many times when you purchase used CNC mills or lathes, you might just be buying a programmable boat anchor. Somebody selling the equipment might have it running just long enough for a demonstration to get the sale. Also, used CNC equipment doesn’t have a warranty and is often a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of purchase. Many times it’s up to the buyer to get the diagnostics and software up to speed.
No matter what a person decides on the debate about whether to buy new or used CNC Machinery, they should always do their homework. You can just as easily get stuck with a lemon new CNC machine as you can buy a used CNC device that runs without maintenance for decades.

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