Five Amazing Things powered by Web Conferencing


Five Amazing Things powered by Web ConferencingRemember the cartoons where the important guy never had to show up physically at large board meetings? All he had to do was to appear on a big screen and talk with the crew for a few minutes. This is precisely what web conferencing is, where physical presence isn’t necessary, yet communication is as efficient and purposeful as ever. Being able to transmit a live video feed, with voice is a huge leap forward, entailing a remarkable list of benefits. The best part is that you don’t even have to spend a dime, or buy any additional piece of hardware. Let’s take a look at five things made possible via web conferencing.

a). Webinars

Short for web seminar, a webinar is an online presentation, speech, discussion etc that people can watch digitally, with real time audio and video. It’s a win-win situation for all stakeholders. The attendees don’t have to buy tickets to travel or take out time which is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. The organizers don’t have to pay hefty sums for organizing the event and worry about the price of the ticket and people actually showing up. Everybody has the added advantage of being able to watch something over and over again to glean every last drop of information. Many webinars provide options for interaction with the audience, through questions posed in real time, as well as comment boxes. In fact, it’s even better than the real thing.
b). Online meetings

Conference calls certainly had their advantage but could in no way be a substitute for actual meetings. Things changed radically with the advent of the option to have a video feed in almost real time, from any part of the world. With web conferencing companies as well as individuals get a multitude of benefits, most notably the savings of time and money. Online meetings are turning out to be the new boardrooms.

c). Online Trainings 

With web conferencing, online teaching has escalated to a whole new level. It allows students to listen to well-prepared lectures by the teachers, which can be heard over and over again unlike the more conventional lectures in class rooms. Different schools offer different programs, incorporating assignments, lab tests that are easy to do from the garage or the kitchen and a defined marking scheme. Again the all-important advantages of saving time and cost apply in this case, and whereas many schools have fees for online courses and training, it is usually less than the fee for actual courses.
d). Online Interviews

Again a win-win situation for both parties, often companies have to interview people overseas, who despite having brilliant credentials, cant afford to leave everything for just an interview (you can’t guarantee a job without an interview), no matter how important it may be, even if the company is offering to pay the cost. On the other hand, it is not possible for companies to pay for a large number of interviewees at a time. With online conferencing coning to your help, this is a trivial matter and interviews, in any part of the world need not be a matter of concern.
e). Staying on the ball while on a Vacation!

This is again an amusing illustration of the important man on the big screen where the boss is enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas, drinking juice out of coconut shells and still managing important stuff. To keep the business running back home, all you have to do is bring his laptop along and find a Wi-Fi spot. This way, you stay connected with clients at all times and have the all the vacations you covet.

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