Fitting Your Roof With A Solar Power System


The Road To Solar Power

Having a solar power system installed is one of the most exciting decisions a home owner can possibly make. Using solar power reduces your personal effect on the environment and your reliance on fuel. Deciding to use solar power is easy enough, but there are also plenty of details that must be taken into consideration before having the solar panels installed. For instance, the size of the panels is no minor detail. Even when two homes are the same size, the panel sizes may differ. It all depends on the amount of energy consumed. One home may consume large amounts of energy while another does not. In such a case, one home may require larger panels. It is also apparent that the larger the home is than the greater the benefit of using a solar power system will be.

How Much Energy Will A Home Require?

The most energy consuming appliances that a home may feature include air conditioning, electric heat, large kitchen appliances or even a pool. All of these things factor into what size panels would be necessary. The average single family home may consume around 5,000 kilowatt hours a year. This type of consumption may work well with a three kilowatt system. However, it is also wise to use a system slightly larger than required. This allows for any household growths or expansions. If any generated power is not consumed than it will be delivered into the grid. This form of donated energy is credited to the home owner’s utility account. This process is referred to as net-metering. Net-metering is a great aspect of using solar power. Net-metering ensures that all of the power generated by the solar panel is used efficiently within the community. This means that owning a solar power system is a benefit to your neighbors as well as to yourself.

Solar Power Is The Innovative Choice

Another major concern when choosing a solar power system is the size of the home’s roof. It should be quite obvious that roof size must be taken into consideration when installing solar panels. The direction that a roof faces is also a concern. No south facing roof sides can be used to install a solar panel. This is due to a lack of efficient sunlight received on that side. Every other direction is fine and would work quite efficiently. Some systems allow for panels to face in multiple directions. In this case it is wise to install the panels facing east and west. Having a solar power system installed is a great way to participate in reducing your reliance on fuel. There are plenty of details to consider when having a system installed, but do not let that stop you from taking your home in a new and innovative direction. Check out this page for a great guide on solar panels cost versus benefits.

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