Finding A Perfect Tax Consultant Using Mobile Applications


Taxation is the trickiest thing, and the best investment that you can do is to find a really good tax consultant who saves you money, normally you pay it in form on TDS, which is very common, but did you know there are many ways to save your hard earned money from the taxman?

Tax consultant tells you about things that are beyond the tax saving mutual funds or 5 years tax saving mutual funds. The job of a tax consultant is to help you guide through taxation jungle and save you as many resources as you possibly can.

Finding A Perfect Tax Consultant Using Mobile Applications

There is a nice way to find a good tax consultant – Go Urbanclap.


UrbanClap Company which helps you find an ideal tax consultant based on your preference, whether you need something extensive or just advice related to specific area. Thereby opening you up to a sea of tax saving opportunities.

Financialand taxation needs vary from case to case, therefore it is important that a consultant study your financial statement and advice you accordingly.

Is it Worth the Money?

By all means, if you fall in any bracket, a money that tax consultant saves eventually pays back for the fees, and more often it is far over it, that’s exactly why businessmen and people with high net worth have them. UrbanClap gets you them at most competitive rates, and here you get bunch of individuals who bid at most competitive rates to get your business.

But what if I am not HNI (High net worth individual)

Even if you aren’t, it doesn’t matter, because docking even 10-20% of your salary counts, and besides, why would you not want to save extra by getting into other avenue, perhaps you can take a cue from onetime advice, and then decide things on your own. That’s why UrbanClap ensure that every specific of tax advice is included, so that you get covered – all the times!

Is there Any Certification

Yes there is, and you need to ensure that you take a sound advice from certified firm or individual, because one wrong step can put you in trouble, after all taxmen are not known to be lenient, and tax saving exercise would be futile and certainly not worth the risk had it been so simple! We hate to tell you but it isn’t easy. But relax,UrbanClap takes care of that too!

Is UrbanClap Free?

Yes it is! You don’t pay anything to UrbanClap but to the professional, and what’s more? You can choose to pay them through cash, or through credit card, debit card etc. whatever works best for you!

Founded by brightest minds of India, and hailing from IIT, UrbanClap has recently struck high on news billboards for the same reason, the concept of getting professional services at very competitive rates is at the heart of Gen Next approach of UrbanClap.

You can find a lot to read on UrbanClap News or even on Wikipedia. The app looks promising and it just keeps on adding more and more services. One key thing about the app is its commitment to neutrality, so there are neither pushbacks nor kickbacks in getting things done, and even talking to UrbanClap professionals will convince you of that neutrality. Because in today’s world, there is no scope of growth for partial businesses.

Having said that, custom reviews and ratings will definitely help you get better searches, and that in turn will get you sound professionals who understand and remediates your woes. Financial jungle is extensive and looks scary, untilyou have a trustworthy guide who is willing to get you the best.

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