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The reliable service and user friendly nature of email and messaging server leader, MS Exchange, has progressively maintained its position as an exotic technology amongst various enterprises, no matter large or small. As a matter of fact, MS Exchange, regardless of being a vital component and Microsoft popular application, fall prey to hacking muggers, spammers and to those who are intended to destroy Exchange completely, via their virulent malicious instructions. Every possible danger to MS Exchange results in serious loss of enterprise crucial data and can cripple its growth in no time.

Since Ms Exchange, increasingly, demands to maintain all time connection between customers and online business partners; so it is now an enormous challenge for IT administrators to provide an advance mechanism for maintaining and storing large amount of server data and MS fast recovery management in case of any failure .MS exchange Server outage may occur due to:

  • MS software failure
  • MS Exchange boot failure
  • Vitiated or lost MS Exchange files
  • Data corruption due to infectious malware
  • MS hardware failure-Arise due to overheating, or natural disasters as electrical shortage, fire, etc

IT administrators should be technically proficient for Exchange and SQL Recovery. For this, they need to consider automated tools for data backup, as choosing legacy back up process would be tedious and labor intensive for them.

Exchange data and SQL recovery solutions

Exchange users should keep in mind that worst case scenarios may happen, having to adopt optimistic ways to recover all what they have lost. One possible solution for users is to follow Exchange and SQL recovery method, mentioned in any online available guide. You can also refer to a Microsoft certified professional for the required recovery, or try yourself to move mailboxes to another server. Latest Microsoft exchange offers variety of advanced features such as email security, large database storage mechanisms with most prominent disaster recovery method.

Database level restore Method

Database administrators mostly use methods involving database level full and transaction log backup methods. These methods only provide incremental backup of emails or folders. These are fastest method, providing point of restores of transaction logs in no time.

Document level restore Method

Document level restore comprises differential, full or incremental method that is slower, but more powerful to restore any kind of Microsoft exchange data.

There are certain critical situations that may occur when you are with your MS exchange server. If you want your MS exchange server to be available to you whenever you want to avoid its downtime, approach to number one Exchange and SQL recovery solution.

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