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If you’ve been on eBay lately, you’ll notice it’s not what it used to be. Once, it was fun; the world’s biggest yard sale. However since that time, eBay has alienated small sellers in favor of large corporations. It’s almost impossible to be a small seller these days on eBay and that left a huge void to fill. Fortunately, we live in an age of competition where voids are often filled by smaller, hungrier businesses. In this article, we will take a look at five eBay alternatives you’ve never heard of.
The pricing structure can be a little tricky with this site, so it comes with a free price calculator. People love it because they can discover for themselves if selling here is actually worth it. This is one of the more polished auction sites, with almost every bell and whistle imaginable.
The best known of all the eBay alternatives, this one is the most like eBay. However, its super simple pricing structure, free listings and biddings, have made it one of the most popular eBay alternatives as well. It can do just about everything eBay used to do, and has over 20 million users.
A cross between Craigslist and eBay, this site has very few bells and whistles. However, what it lacks in design it makes up in functionality. This one is one of the easier-to-use sites. Also, its low pricing structure attracts many people.
What makes this site so unique is not only its lack of upfront fees, but it’s also currently one of the few sites that offer the advantage of importing your ratings and listings directly from eBay. It’s going after eBay sellers quite actively, so if you already have an eBay account, you’re not starting from scratch if you sell on this site.
With over 2 million auction listings and 20 international sites, eBid is looking to be the next eBay. It’s simpler, cheaper pricing structure has attracted many people over several years from all across the globe.
With a name like this, you picture an old-fashioned Arabian Knights type marketplace, which is very similar to what it is, only online. This website is actually an international marketplace and one of the leading providers of goods for importers and exporters. It’s the number one marketplace for global trade.

Naturally, there are many other eBay alternatives than the ones we discussed here. It’s important to know, that no matter what you’re into, whether you’re looking to be an artist, importer, small seller, or even a major liquidator, there is an auction website out there that can help. While very few match eBay in reputation and sheer numbers, the day is coming when this will no longer be an issue.

Written by Adam Chronister founder of Accelerated Freelance. Accelerated freelance is a Spokane website development firm who specialize in, Internet marketing, social media marketing, brochure design and more. You can find him on Google Google+ and Twitter.

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