DVDFab Blu-Ray to DVD Converter Software Review


DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD converter is a software that decrypts and, afterwards, converts the blu-ray to DVDs for playback purposes. The software is making waves, owing to super-high quality, extremely fast speed and simple to use interface.

The users can employ this software to convert virtually any type of blue-ray to DVD video disc (DVD 5 and DVD 9) without comrpomising on the quality. In fact, this software is not only limited to converting the blu-ray content to the DVD disc drives, but also to DVD format; so that, the users can play it on the DVD player format. Moreover, it helps in copying and creating backups for your blu-ray, from disc to your PCs. An even more interesting part is that this software is smart enough to handle everything related to the blu-ray to DVD conversion, on its own, rather than taking help of some other assisting tool or software. Once successfully launched, the software allows the users to get a direct, hassle-free access to any blu-ray content.

Users will find it real fast and effortless to launch this Blu-ray to DVD converter software, on account of its usage of multiple-core processors and the latest NVIDIA CUDA tenchnology. The best part is, the software is not energy-hungry; so, the users won’t find a trouble running it along with performing other tasks on their PCs. The layout of the software is not just trouble-free, but pretty user-friendly.

The DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD converter software is a great time saver, unlike any similar software in the market, leading to its over-night popularity. The wonderful feature of batch conversion, this software provides to its users, is absolutely commendable. With the help of this feature, the user can convert bunch of files together, instead of selecting one file after another for conversion. This certainly is not just time saver, but saves you from added frustration.

Another awesome feature of the software allows the users to get a preview of the title, which helps them avoid making any mistake related to selecting inappropriate blu-ray title, audio stream, subtitles, etc. Users can preview everything all along the conversion; hence, can make changes as and when required.

The small green tick on the top right corner of the window takes you to the ‘common settings’.

Users can make changes in the options, present explicitly on this window, to make the settings suit their particular needs and tastes. The options, that enable the users to bring about changes in the ‘security of the content’ and the ‘quality’, give a sense of immense control to the user, no other software offers.

The software being extremely user-friendly provides tutorial as well, to ensure that the newbie software users may not get baffled by the unfamiliarity of the software and the myriad of options available. To get hold of these user guides, the users can click on the blue question mark symbol, adjacent to the small green tick sign, on the top right corner of the window. However, to get an access to the user guide, an internet connection is required.

One of the most outstanding thing about this software is the flexibility, it offers. Unlike what most of early software used to offer , this one puts forward the option of merging various Blu-ray titles to make one DVD 5 or DVD 9, without disturbing the orginial chapters’ locations. The users, nonetheles, can change the sequence as per their wishes.

Besides, several choices can be found on mainstream window, when it comes to choosing Blu-ray audio track subsequently converting Blu-ray audio to DVD standard AC3 stream. Furthermore, you can choose among the various Blu-ray subtitles, converting them to DVD patterned subpicture streams.

Nevertheless, this is not all about this superb software. There are two other software, Blu-ray Ripper and Blu-ray 3D Ripper that closely relate to Blu-ray to DVD converter software. With Blu-ray Ripper, the users get a myriad of options as to select a device, they want to burn the content on. The options range from iPod to iPad, to iPhone, to even Xbox 360, PSS and PDAs. The uncomplicated and friendly user-interface, hardly, creates a difficulty in launching the software for even a newbie.

Users can also choose a particular format for this purpose, like AVI, MKV, MP4, and WMV, etc. DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper gets updated on regular basis, providing the users with the latest output devices and formats. There is an added feature of video editing, which allows users to set a frame resolution of their choice and if they want, they can crop the video as well and so on and so forth. It has an integrated blu-ray player to preview the titles and audio streams during conversion process.

Blu-ray 3D Ripper, on the other hand, is a unique 3D converter software that converts 3D video files to various formats, mentioned above.

Blu-ray 3D ripper offers the latest side-by-side 3D blu-ray format. It constitutes H.264MVC decoder as well, created by the DVDFab. Users can purchase all these latest pieces of software together or discreetly. The most apparent drawback of this software is that the burning of blu-rays on your PC can lead to the consumption of your hard disks, no matter how large they are. However, this software’s positive points, being too many, seem to overcome a few trivial drawbacks.

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