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There is no doubt that blogging could be challenging for a newcomer. Although from outside blogging looks very simplistic but if you have to blog daily then a novice blogger could face some serious challenges. So the point I want to make is, as an upcoming blogger you must know some difficulties that you might face later on. You will be better prepared to blog and leave a mark as a professional blogger in the blogging sphere. Therefore let us look few challenges or hurdles in a more simplistic manner.

Blog or Website

First challenge is choosing between a blog and a website. Normally bloggers are not able to make a difference between blog and website. Well! Let me clear the difference. In blogging there is a lot more interaction with you readers and blogs are very interactive. On the other hand a website is not interactive because your content present there is vey static. Hence as a new blogger you have to engage people through a conversation rather putting static content there.

Choosing Right Niche

Next uphill task would be identifying a right niche. A niche simply means the topic on which you will be writing your blogs. From my experience I would suggest that your niche should be targeted. Blogs based on broader niche are very difficult to rank in Google search engine. Therefore it means less traffic coming to your blog. Hence do research before you start writing for your blog. Jot down all the important keywords you will be using in your blog.

Daily Blogging Ideas

Getting blogging ideas on daily basis is the key to become a successful blogger. However this is an art and you cannot learn in just few days or weeks. You have to daily follow newspapers, magazines, journals and media passionately. From there you will get an inspiration to write your blog which can relate to the masses effectively. Let me remind you, never copy or plagiarize content from other websites. If you really want to become a genuine blogger then create something new. In blogging you have to leave your own mark.

Generating Traffic

Next challenge would be generating heavy traffic for your blog. Remember you make profit only when thousands of visitors are coming to the blog daily. Moreover the traffic should be of good quality. So focus various traffic generation methods and implement them step by step. Do not pay money to buy traffic because they are not genuine and you will be wasting your income.

Responding Your Readers

Last point is not a challenge but a suggestion. Always respond to comments and feedbacks that your readers are giving after reading a blog post. It will help to understand your readers and their problems. If you respond regularly then it will build a bond between you and them.


In concluding remarks I would say blogging is an art and you have to learn over the period of time. There are some challenges that you have to overcome. First challenge is understanding the difference between a blog and a website. Second one is deciding right niche, thirdly getting ideas for blogging on daily basis. Fourth one is generating good quality traffic and final challenge would be responding to your readers.

This article is written by Pritam Nagrale who is a blogger and writes about blogging, SEO, internet marketing and make money programs like affiliate network, adsense & other online business. Visit his blog at for more info about how to make smart money.

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