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Anyone who has a blog knows that it takes effort to keep it alive. It doesn’t matter how great of a writer a person is, there comes a time when our work needs a boost.

At times, the topic well has dried up while other times it all blurs and looks the same. If looking for inspiration is taking up more time than your planning or writing stages, then you have come to the right article.

I have been in the above scenario more times than I can count. However I found a way to draw inspiration, and liven up my articles at the same time.

One weekend when my wife and I were going through some old photos, I found myself thinking of new topics and ideas for my writing. Then it hit me, pictures don’t just capture beauty. They also capture and inspire ideas.

Looking for Ideas through Photos

As writers, we can often find inspiration for our stories in strange places and events, such as:

  • Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room
  • Talking to a toddler
  • On the bus
  • People watching in a mall

Just about anywhere, actually. The point is we are creative creatures getting inspired by the most unique places and items.

Photographers also get inspired by the unexpected, and each photo tells a story in its own way. So, why not look to photos for ideas for your writing?

You can look at photos just about anywhere. However, I suggest looking at websites that offer royalty free images. They have a vast selection of photos, with varying topics to choose from. The best part about looking there is you can then choose to utilize that image by placing it in your article.

Another option would be to create your own photos. However, this would require some expertise in learning how to take a good shot and how to retouch a photograph.

Let’s take a look at some options on how to use imaging to enhance your blog.

Royalty Free Images

If you don’t currently use photos in your blog, or articles, then you might not be aware of royalty free images, and what they are.

These are photos that are available for use, without having to pay royalties to the photographer. Royalties are fees that are paid to the creator each time an item sells with their image on it.

However, with royalty free you simply pay a small fee for a one-time right to use the image. There is typically a License Agreement, which you need to read and agree to before purchasing the right. These can vary between photographers, so make sure to read them each time.

Using Royalty Free Images Vs Your Own

Now that you know what a royalty free image is, let’s dive into what it can do for you, especially compared to using your own photos.

There are websites solely for the purpose of selling the rights to use royalty free images, such and This is just one advantage to using them, as they have a huge selection of diverse photos to choose from.

It also takes less time to sift through photos already created than having to go out and find your subject matter, and create the image, for minimal cost, starting from just a $1.

On the other hand, creating your own images gives you unlimited creativity and control. You can take a photo of anything you find, and then alter it to meet your needs. There are classes, books, and free Photoshop retouching videos to help you hone your craft.

I personally like to leave my photographing for leisure, and opt to use one if I get lucky. But, I prefer to use my time writing, and helping others on how to build their Internet businesses, so I usually use royalty free images.

In Closing

I have found that by using photos in my writing, it really gives it all a facelift and grabs the attention of my targeted audience.

This has also given me opportunity to be inspired by browsing through the many photos. I once spotted a photo of a ship out on the ocean. The ship looked much smaller than it was, because it was out in the distance, in the enormous mass of water. It gave me an idea for a piece on how we are just one person on the Internet of many users. I also used the image in the article to illustrate what I was talking about.

What happened is that I was inspired, as well as saved time and money by not having to spend hours looking for the right photo to take and make perfect. And, as a bonus, it gave my article blog new life.

Since 1999, James Martell has been a successful Internet entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. His ebooks, podcasts, and affiliate marketing courses have helped many people to become successful in their own Internet businesses. Digital River Lab, Affiliate Summit, and Commission Junction University are just a few of the places he has been a guest speaker. James and his wife reside in Vancouver, in seaside suburb, and enjoy spending time with their children, aged 16-24.

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