AutoCAD the Software and its History – Redefining the World around You


AutoCAD, programing software is used by engineers, architects and any other professional people who need to design sophisticated machinery and infrastructure the software has its origins back in December 1982. Developed and marketed by Autodesk, AutoCAD has gained a remarkable reputation as the most widely used CAD software. AutoCAD was given birth to by its forerunner, Interact CAD and later evolved to become a program capable of designing the modern world. Autodesk, co-founded by John Walker, Michael Riddle and Dan Drake has the ownership and rights for the development and marketing of this software.

AutoCAD, capable of working in 2D as well as 3D formats enables the user to work freely and comfortably on unique and productive designs. It is a vector based drawing software embedded with the necessary tools to enable enhanced design processes.


After launch the AutoCAD software gained wide popularity and was a storming success by the year 1986, it continues to dominate other CAD software’s to this day. Interact Cad, the predecessor of this software ran on SPL, a language developed by Michael Riddle. The huge commercial success of this software continued even after the program was written in C.

The complexity of C during the early years forced AutoCAD to rely upon Lattice, compiler software, to run the program. However, as technology leaped ahead and a more reliable and flexible C++ was developed it was only a matter of time before they switched to it. Earlier versions of AutoCAD contained only primitive objects like lines and circles which needed to be polymerized to create complex designs. However, with the advent of later versions, various tools capable of enhanced designing were born and were embedded into the software to deliver the maximum possible user comfort.

With the launch of AutoCAD 2007, better navigation and design methodology was adopted while with the AutoCAD 2010 came mesh modeling and parametric functionality. Both these versions attracted many professionals as the software greatly improved the design and its structure. 3D modeling took a huge step like it never did before. The 2014 version is the latest big Ben and the 2013 version was the third in the line developed for MAC users. It is a question without doubt as to who dominates the CAD software industry. The revolution that took birth early in the 80’s continues to spread its wings as we slowly progress through the prime of the 21st century.

As of today, there is no other CAD software as widely used as AutoCAD. It has earned itself the emperor’s seat and will continue to dominate for as long as time permits. With the birth of third print technology, AutoCAD has become even more popular and Autodesk’s share price (ADSK) is on a serious upward trend, if you are thinking about a change of career or progressing your existing career path you could do worse than taking an AutoCAD Course.

Guest post supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark writes for Acuity an IT training provider based in Guildford, Surrey.

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