ASUS A52F-XA1 – Reasonably priced with Solid Features


ASUS A52F-XA1 – Reasonably priced with Solid Features

The laptop ASUS A52F-XA1 has been liked by a lot of people for its interesting solid features. It has got a very good rating by most of the consumers for its durability and the long battery life span. Most of the laptops would not provide the needed life for the laptop to run, and the major reason being that of the battery. But with these laptops that batteries are highly charged and would go on for a span of 5 -6 hours at the maximum. It is an important feature for a laptop to be liked by many people.

It is one of the best laptops, unlike their counterparts the ASUS A52F-XA1 laptop comes with an Intel dual core processor and has a 4GB hard drive, with a lot of internal memory space. The laptop is very comfortable to handle is designed with new additional features. They come with a 62 bit windows operating system and have USB ports with sound and video outputs as well. There is a lot of storage space on the disk and has been specially designed to meet the needs of the people. With a lot of new gadgets that can be added on to the laptop, it has been highly rated by people who prefer to use them on an everyday use.

A 320 GB and a 15.6 inch monitor is definitely worth the money and so does the ASUS A52F-XA1 laptop. There has been a fierce completion from many people and from other laptop dealers as well, but this laptop has stood the test of time. Those additional features has made the laptop to be featured on every webpage and they have been found to be rated high as a user friendly laptop.

With competitive prices, majority of the dealers sell the ASUS A52F-XA1 laptops at reasonable prices. With more and more people preferring to buy laptops that could take care of the daily activities without much of a hassle, this laptop suffices all those needs. Most of the people are impressed with its multiple hard drive and windows 7 premium suite and still attracts a lot of consumers by its design features.  The OS and the hard drive is the most important factor for any laptop to perform well and is found to be good with these laptops. They can be bought online at the best rates with other early bird offers.

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