5 Things All IM Gurus Keep Private (About The Secret Of Successful Internet Marketing)


Who’s your favorite IM guru? There are many gurus out there, and you can learn from anyone that you prefer. But, do you know that most of them don’t share the secret of real success in internet marketing? Do you know that most of them will keep the information private to themselves?

Well, think about it. If you find a way to make $10,000 or more overnight, will you share it with others? No. You will keep it for yourself and use that knowledge only to your advantage. That’s what most IM gurus think. The products that they sell to the newbies are only the basic information regarding how to do stuff like building a website, creating a blog, installing plugins, and so on. But, there is more information that you need to learn in order to reap the success in online business. Here are 5 things all IM gurus keep private:

1. You don’t need excellent product to start making money online
Most gurus will tell you to make a super great product that took years to develop. Well, if you want to make money online, you don’t need to do such a thing. A decent product will do. In fact, you can make thousands of dollars from a product that has mediocre quality. I’m not suggesting this route, though. However, most IM gurus will keep telling you that you should not create your own product because it will take years to develop. “It’s impossible for a newbie like you. Instead, promote my super-duper great product and earn commission from it.” They’re hiding the fact that the most money to be made online is the money you generate from your own product.

2. The power of affiliates
Do you want to make money without working at all? Do you want to generate sales even without promoting your product? This is another thing that IM gurus hide from you. They hide about the absolute way to make stunning income from your business using the power of affiliates. You just need a product, and let people market it. You don’t do anything else. You promise them higher commission than what you take. Then, many people will promote your product in droves. Even though you only get 25% of the sale, you still get the money without doing anything. That’s the ultimate secret of passive income plan gurus don’t want you to know.

3. Effortless list building
Not only you can make money without effort by using the power of affiliates, you can also build a list without lifting a finger if you have massive droves of affiliates. Most gurus are aware about this. They know the importance of having a list. They know that they can make money at will when they have a good list in place. And they will tell you to keep promoting their products instead of creating your own product. Why? That’s because they want to steal your traffic. They know that most people won’t buy in the first time they arrive at the merchant’s sales page. So, they put a mailing list there so that they can catch some people who don’t have any intention to buy now, and pitch them later. Thus, they’re essentially building list from the traffic that you send to them, without doing anything.

4. Most important skill in internet marketing
What do you think is the most important skill in internet marketing? Is it the ability to set up a website? Is it the ability to write articles? Is it the ability to find long tail keywords? They are good abilities that you need to master in internet marketing, but you can hire people to set up a website, write articles, find long tail keywords, building a list, and so on. Those are not necessary abilities to succeed in internet marketing. So, what’s the most important ability in internet business? It is copywriting. You miss this most important element in internet marketing that will skyrocket your earning. Yet, most IM gurus won’t point it out to you.

5. There is nothing new under the sun
Why IM gurus keep selling people reports after reports that tell them how they can also make easy money online like them? Do you think that they will work? Let me tell you a secret most people aren’t aware of. It’s that there is nothing new under the sun. The way to make money is still the same everywhere. There is no magic pill. IM gurus are trying to sell you bogus dreams so that they can rip off your money, while in reality there is nothing new that they can give you. Why? That’s because the only way to make money is by selling. That’s it. Nothing new. No matter where you are, how old you are, or where you do the marketing, the only way to make money is to sell something. That’s what most gurus are trying to hide from you.

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