Are You In Need Of Email Marketing Solutions?


When someone pose this kind of question, it tends to seem a bit strange, because of email marketing being tied into one area now a days where many online marketing business owners seem to have several problems. They seem to read so many information in books or on the internet that they not really sure of the relevancy. Here is a question I want to pose to you.

How can you solve the problem of sending emails to a list when looking for information?

I think firstly we have to comment by saying which list, before we can delve into answering this question and finding a solution to this email problem; however this question means absolutely nothing to me seeing that I don’t have a list to start off with. What you need to understand is, this is a true solution that will solve all problems when you are faced with it. You need to keep in mind; the first thing to take note of is why there is no list and to ask yourself the question why is it that you don’t have any opt – in on the website.

To start off with, we will look at the basic problems of why people don’t have any lists. Do you know the importance of building a list? If you can’t answer this question and unsure then I suggest you take the time to think about how you will have to keep in contact with potential buyers, if you don’t even know them. The importance of having a double opt in list is to be able to not only obtain there contact details, but to also allow them to confirm that they want to hear from you. If they didn’t give permission to receive emails from you, then you will already have had all the information which includes sign up date as well as their IP addresses.

All of these things are very important to keep in mind when you start to create an email marketing solution. This is something you will need to address when problems arise, but be prepared to always offer clients solutions. What this means is, that when you do find solutions to these problems people can’t purchase those solutions and give the information away. Basically what will happen is that, as soon as people start telling everyone how they can solve those problems, they will be directed to your website immediately.

As you can see this helps your credibility to grow as well as your trust, because of the rapid growth within your network which will go viral and help spread the great news about your website. This is why I recommend that you start considering now already marketing solutions before starting a website.

Friedl Gertse is a digital marketing professional offering integrated marketing service for businesses that need help with improving their audience’s digital brand.

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