An Effective Approach to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive


As we all know that hard drive of computer is one of its key components as it contains all the data that we store in our day-to-day working. However, accidental deletion of this stored data is one of the events that occurs with almost all at least ones in his lifetime of working with the computers. In such situations, getting panic as you have lost your data does not solve your problem. Instead, using a software program to recover deleted data from hard drive is recommended. A professional data recovery tool un-deletes all your deleted files, which are either deleted directly from your system (through hard deletion) or lost as you emptied the ‘Recycle Bin’.

An Effective Approach to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Drive

It is quite natural that you may be wondering that how a professional data recovery tool can recover the files that are not available on your system. Well, it is because your deleted files are not gone anywhere. They are inside your hard drive at their location, but without their index entries. The entries of the stored files in the index file tell the exact location and other information to the Operating System (OS) for extracting this file. The absence of the index entry of files makes them inaccessible by the OS and hence it marks the space occupied by them as ready to be reused. Moreover, you become completely unable to find these files on your computer.

To recover the loss or restore these deleted files, it is recommended to act fast. The more you use your computer and write data on it, the more you increase the chances of unsuccessful recovery. This is because the old files will get overwritten by the new ones. Therefore, it is suggested to act smart, and recover your files quickly with the help of a professional Windows data recovery software as these tools search for all the spaces that are marked free to be reused and try to extract data from there. After restoring your deleted files, you can start working normally on your system. However, follow the below mentioned precautions and ensure successful recovery of your lost files with a professional tool:

  • Do not save anything new on the drive from where you encountered the loss.

  • Do not delete anything from this drive.

  • Do not download anything on this hard drive partition.

  • Do not format this partition as well.

This means stop using your affected hard drive, or the partition from where you encountered the loss completely, until the recovery software performs its job. However, you may think that how you could recover your deleted files if you could not download the tool on your system. Well, download the software on the drive partition other than your affected one. Alternatively, you can download the tool on another system and attach your affected hard drive on this system as an external drive, and then perform the recovery of your lost or deleted files.

By far it must be clear to you that how it is possible for a data recovery tool to recover the deleted files, and now your concern can be to find right data recovery software for your system. You may find some freeware as well in this category. It is recommended to not to go for a free software as most of the times they are malicious software that harm your computer instead of recovering your data. Go for a software that is paid.

Generally, a paid tool also facilitates its free demo version. The demo version of the software is full functional tool having all the features except disabled option to save the recovered files. This is because of the fact that to save the recovered files you have to purchase the license of the software. Most of the efficient tools provide preview of recoverable files that lets you see whether the software is recovering your required files or not. Moreover, you can select all or some specific files for their recovery, from this list of recoverable files. Saving the files at user specific location is another advantage of an efficient software.

An effective tool has simple intuitive user interface with easy recovery steps, thus you may not feel uncomfortable in performing the recovery of your lost files even when you do not have any technical understanding.

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