5 Things Changing In Business Education Today


The business education experience is quite different from the past. Today, through technology and innovation, students are interconnected with each other and the global business world more than ever. Teachers and students alike are having to adapt to the changing environment of business, and learning about how to succeed is far different from what our fathers were taught. Below explains five things that are currently changing in the world of business education.

5 Things Changing In Business Education Today

Quality Educators

Academic competition has always been tough, but today’s college professors must know more than just theories and facts. Business educators have strong connections to the business world and many professors have actual business experience. This greatly improves the academic experience for students and helps them prepare for dealing with the real world. Educational institutions are looking for experienced leaders in their fields and look to utilize both hands on, and theoretical practices.

The Online Revolution

Business students of today can connect with classmates around the world through online education since virtual classrooms now allow them to remotely connect and interact with their international counterparts. As a resultthey are prepared to work in a diverse workforce. For example, a student could pursue a business degree from the comfort of their home with an online MBA program while interacting with Chinese students in the same industry. It gives new business graduates more experience and knowledge to become a leader in their field.

Intuitive Approaches to Business

Many business education programs now offer unique and diverse approaches to business training. This is done through collaboration with outside organizations and well-known business figures. For example, New York University has partnered with the Institute for Mindful Leadership to provide classes which focus on creating a positive leadership presence through meditation and awareness. In fact, General Mills’ CEO Ken Powell and Google’s CEO Larry Page have all encouraged employees to engage in meditation. Even former Apple CEO Steve Jobs promoted meditation as a way to increase creativity and achieve excellence. Current business trends influence different educational methods and techniques for a more holistic approach.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

MOOCs are online courses that have no restrictions to the number of students allowed to participate. Even major universities, such as MIT, Harvard, and Berkley all offer free online business courses. High school students or potential college students can now explore and take business classes without having to officially enroll. In addition, non-profit organizations also offer free or inexpensive courses, such as edX, Academic Earth, and Khan Academy.

Changing Models

This education theory focuses on skill mastery within an academic environment. Students are encouraged to get out their seats and engage in hands on learning activities performed at their own pace. As a result, achieving mastery of key business skills are more important than traditional academic credits. This model, also referred to as personalized learning, encourages accelerated learning so the student can quickly enter the workforce.

In conclusion, business education today is changing through experienced educators, online connections, intuitive business approaches, free online classes, and changing academic models. The world of business is rapidly changing and as it does, education in the field must keep up.

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