Growing Business? 5 Tech Solutions You’ll Need


Is your business scaling? A growing business has vastly different needs than those of a small business, tech chief among them. Here are five tech-oriented solutions that keep your business growing without the hiccups that threaten all scaled operations.

Growing Business? 5 Tech Solutions You'll Need

The Cloud

If you are scaling, then you need more resources and power at your disposal. Unfortunately, these hardware resources can cost much more than you have in your budget. What is the solution? Cloud resources can give you the same amount of power with no need to purchase the hardware. You also skip out on any maintenance costs and the cost of creating a full infrastructure to keep your hardware running and communicating with your employees correctly.


Many virtual storefronts and physical offices rely on a line of rotating customer service agents, especially if that office is growing. In order to maintain consistency with your customer base, you need to implement a customer relationship management solution. This CRM will keep your customers from having to repeat themselves over and over again based on your turnover rate.

A Data Center

As your business grows, so does the amount of storage space required to store all your data and keep your process moving. In today’s web-centric business world, you can’t afford the potential losses a slow server or lost data could cause. To avoid these issues, consider moving your data to a data center, like those supported by Cologix, as your business grows. Keeping your data safe, especially if you depend heavily on internet-based transactions and communication, should be a top priority.

Softphone Software

The softphone is a smart phone that functions as a laptop. You gain the advantages of both mediums – the softphone is as agile and mobile as a smart phone; however, the convenience and the power of a laptop is right at your fingertips as well. A minimal investment in a software package can make this happen for you.

Toll-Free Numbers

When your business grows, you will need to have a toll free number for people outside of your immediate jurisdiction. However, the structure for a traditional 800 number is quite expensive. You can re-route these calls to your smart phone, giving the illusion of a toll free number with none of the added expense.

The tech solutions mentioned here will definitely help your business to scale in a smooth way. However, the landscape of technology is always changing. Make sure that you remain open to the new solutions that will undoubtedly come for your business in the near future!

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