5 Creative And Unusual Uses For Solar Panels


The world is abuzz with the potential of solar power. It’s virtually unlimited supply engages scientists and researchers who forge on in their efforts to develop better techniques to capture and use the boundless power the sun bestows upon our planet. Innovation and imagination work in partnership in this endeavor, and even as solar panels are sprouting in many regions of the world, creative minds are hard at work in discovering cool ways to use solar energy in enhancing our lives.

The Spectacular Carousolar
If you are a fan of the old-fashioned carousel, how about one with dazzling displays of color in a completely white carousel, powered by hundred 80-watt solar panels? GE launched this one at a show in 2011.

Solar Trash Cans – A Treasure?
Trash is one of the scourges of modern life. As environmental studies suggest, 4.43 pounds of garbage per American (EPA Facts and Figures) per day represents a very large amount of garbage when you add up the population. Well-suited to urban areas, these trash cans use solar-powered compactors that compact the trash put in them, thereby improving waste disposal. Manufactured by BigBelly Solar, the garbage cans have the potential to cut fuel costs and open up recycling resources that would cut the impact of waste on the environment.

Paint Your Walls the Solar Way
Hopes are high as research continues in creating photovoltaics in paint form. Among solar companies driven by the enthusiasm and prospects of solar power, experiments have led to positive results in developing third generation solar cells. According to solar genealogy, solar technology can be broken down into three generations of solar cells. The first generation cells are the large, silicon-based photovoltaic cells known as solar panels. The second-generation cells include a thinner structure, greater flexibility and cheaper cost, enabling their use in roofing shingles, for instance. The last, and perhaps the most revolutionary, is the third generation solar power that aims to deliver polymer solar cells, nanocrystalline and dye-sensitized cells. That leads to, as researchers hope, solar paint that could become an affordable and easy way to make solar power in homes and offices.

Designed to Dazzle
Crimson Collective’s humongous creation, based on a Japanese origami design, is the giant crane poised to enthrall visitors to Coachella music festival. This graceful structure is solar-powered and represents peace under a display of LED lights as festival visitors walk underneath its shimmering wings.

Architecturally Speaking – The Language of Solar Panels
The beauty and functionality of architectural designs is one of the major areas of focus during the design phase of any structure, home or other buildings. Photovoltaics have brought innovation in this design to a new level. Grass Valley Elementary School’s windows have been conceptualized with prismatic effects of glass containing solar cells. Artfully elegant features bring color and functionality by fusing the aesthetic appeal with the renewable energy source for lighting.

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Human imagination is almost as limitless as sunshine and will continue to be inspired by new horizons in the field of solar panels all over the world. Visit for more of the latest environment news.

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