4 Solar Powered Gadgets That Actually Work


Solar power has been a great resource for powering homes, but when it comes to products powered by alternative energy, solar power has been somewhat of a disappointment. Most solar gadgets are underpowered or simply take too long to garner the sun’s energy. But as the technology progresses, we’re finding some really cool gadgets that actually work well with solar energy. Here are four of the best products harnessing energy from the sun.

Outdoor Lights
Everything from holiday strings to walkway lights now work well with solar power thanks to LED lights. Rare just five years ago, you’ll find them everywhere now. The technology has proven itself affordable and reliable. Simple lights work along paths and driveways or illuminate steps and gateways. No need to use professionals to install these simple gadgets. Stunning lights for the holiday season are also available allowing for some very impressive decorating ideas all powered by the sun during the day to offer that long-awaited festive atmosphere each night.

Sun Table
Now here is a fancy gadget indeed! The Sun Table is a portable, unobtrusive charger cleverly designed to fit right in amid the usual outdoor furnishings found on the patio. It is weather resistant, lightweight and easy to assemble. Simply place the Sun Table in direct sunlight and it will automatically begin storing energy. The batteries charge in only 4 hours of sun. The stored energy allows for the successful running of laptops and mobile phones and other electrical appliances found around the home. It comes with an inverter plug that literally makes this table a power outlet like the ones you have on the wall.

Solar Charging Docks
Recently, accessories have been designed to enable access to personal communications devices even when miles from any electrical outlet. Solar charging docks for products such as an iPad or Kindle make sure that the battery never goes flat! Such a fantastic accessory for those wanting a low-cost alternative for powering their favorite gadgets. Some of these docks can charge as quickly as a power outlet.

Solar Powered Lawnmower
Once the pet project of many a basement tinkerer, the solar-powered lawnmower is finding its place in the market. Husqvarna has come up with a lawnmower powered by the sun that doesn’t even need you to do walk behind it. Similar to the Roomba concept of a machine that takes care of the work for you, this one-of-a-kind product uses the sun’s energy to do the job.

The motor runs off a lithium battery that allows for up to 45 minutes of use, and it comes with a solar-powered charger. The lawnmower is constructed of metal and has a 20-inch cutting width. The mowing system also includes a mulching insert, a deflector and a grass catcher. All of this is done robotically, and when it runs out of juice, it returns to the charger. With a price range of $2,700, it’s not for the average home. But as the technology advances, expect to see similar products coming on the market and much more affordable price points.

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Whether solar power Brisbane, New York or Stockholm, new gadgets are springing up all over the world that change how we think about solar power.

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