2.1 Logitech Speakers (Model Z623)


Logitech Speakers Model Z623

Quick Review: If you live in a small place and aren’t really interested in getting something dedicated to surround sound, but want something good-sounding, these are what you need.

• A 2.1 setup wit 200W
• Certified by THX
• Has jacks for both headphones and satellite (35mm)
• Controls for the Volume/Bass
• Retailed at about $150 USD

The Upside:
• Nicely modeled speakers that are made of good quality
• You can hear perfectly and it send out plenty of a punch
• The controls that are available to you are nice and handy

The Downside:
• Too much bass
• One input could have been good for both uses
• The sound doesn’t revolve very good on a closed-up room
• A very large (too large) subwoofer

The Main Squeeze:
As soon as Logitech put out a new set of speakers, I go out and buy them. I love Logitech’s style and quality and am really happy with this model just like I’ve been happy with my other models.
In this market for speakers of this mid-grade size and quality, you’re going to have a lot of choices to pick from when you finally go speaker shopping and you’ll be looking over and over at the same type of products priced all in about the same range. I wouldn’t go out and for out more than about $200 bucks on anything less than a 2.1, it would be kind of a waste of money for what you’re getting. You should be expecting to make a long decision because they really are very similar. Logitech definitely is not the only good brand of speakers you can buy out there.
Back to the Logitech, you have a good set of desktop speakers with THIS particular model no matter what. Spending a lot of wasted money on a surround sound unit can be avoided by just buying a corresponding headset for surround sound that you can plug into 2.1 speakers just like these. It’s a much better value than sucking your pockets dry. Usually, if you have an in depth setup, you always going to be looking for speakers that are likely to blow you away at a 5.1 or above. These aren’t hose type of speakers. These are specifically designed for your computer.
With all three components, you’re looking at 130 W for the subwoofers and the satellites have 35 W, which is a pretty good combination for powerful sound. It also comes with not only one 35mm jack for the satellite area, but an extra one just in case. The subwoofer comes with its own RCA. For the satellites setup you get all the usual features.

Everything sits perfectly and has been a decent upgrade for their previous models. The satellite speakers are easily accessible because the knobs are built on it as well as everything else you’re going to need as far as audio controls go, this keeps things less messy in the long run. Depending on what you like, you should find that these speakers are good quality. The body form on these bad boys are actually quite nice and shapely and have a nice edge with the black finish which gives it a little bit of a sleep feel. If you’re looking for a grill that is covered on your choice of speakers, these ones don’t have that, but that is something I actually liked about these speakers. One thing I DIDN’T like all that much was hoe large Logitech formed their sub. It was just too big for what it put out in a roomier room. But then again, in enclosed spots, it rumbled everything up pretty well
Just like every other desktop model that was put out in the last couple years, they all sound pretty much the same (but still sound GOOD). The point of having these speakers is to ensure good sound quality directly from your desktop. I just think the sub went a little too over-the-top in this system with its big size. The setup comes with the bass just bumping far too loud, so once I got that down to a level I liked and was able to balance everything between the satellites and whatnot, I was happy with the end effect. Getting everything to sound good wasn’t too hard but it did require a little bit of tweaking ad there were some irregularities with the midis, but you can’t tell unless you’re really into what you’re listening to closely.
You are going to get what you pay for, which by no means is bad, but it’s not going to be top-quality stuff. There are some things that aren’t going to sound the way you would expect a 5.1 system to sound like (obviously), such as the highs of the speakers. Getting your equalization just right will pay off if you know what you’re doing.
Although the sound is good for general purposes, if you want to get it to disperse throughout the house, you’re going to more than likely have a problem because the sound tends to just swim in one spot. You have to remember that this is only a 2.1 system and weren’t really built to go outside of a 30 degree angle as far as sound travel is concerned. But I like them all the same and I think that they have good usage for gamers.

Having that spare satellite jack is a nice addition on Logitech’s part because it gives you a little bit more versatility. Buying yet another 35 mm jack will also give you more versatility if you’re interested in hooking it up to a microphone.

I tried to make the speakers blow, honestly. I couldn’t do it. Not only could I not do this, but I couldn’t get the speakers to make any bad sounds associated with warbling or over usage of them. They just wouldn’t go bad on me.

What I Conclude
If you want something low-key for your desktop and don’t want anything like a 5.1 system, this is a good bang for your buck. I think they are practical except for the subwoofer size and can offer you a good quality product and sound. This is just yet another one of Logitech’s keepers.

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