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A Look at WordPress

A number of the websites today are based on WordPress. This is a free and open source content management system and blogging tool that has helped countless companies establish their presence online. Using a template processor, it has a web template system that has several features such as plugins, themes and widgets. These features are used by web developers to build highly customized websites for businesses.

A lot of website developers use WordPress because of its easy to use content management system. This system allows them to create and update numerous web pages on their website. Initially used for blogging, they realized that with a few modifications, WordPress can be used to run a website with or without the blogging option. Moreover, the entire thing is completely optimized for the web so WordPress-based websites are likely to enjoy higher rankings in Google’s results list.

Why Use WordPress For Business Websites

There are plenty of benefits of using the blogging and content management system tools of WordPress. Here are some of them:

Easy to install and use

WordPress is very easy to install and use; setting it up does not require highly specialized skills or knowledge of technical jargon. He or she simply follows the simple instructions given during the installation process. Furthermore, it is not difficult to update a WordPress-based website even if one does not know the ins and outs of HTML.

Cost effective

Setting up a WordPress website is an inexpensive alternative to traditional advertising. There are plenty of affordable (and sometimes free) WordPress themes that companies can use for their business website. This way, they can reach a wider audience and improve their brand’s visibility without breaking the company budget.

Open source means flexibility

Since WordPress is an open source program, the technology behind it is easier to develop and update and these updates are shared among WordPress users and developers around the world. It does not require a specific programming language to run which can be detrimental to people unfamiliar with computer programming. Moreover, among the benefits of being an open source software is that it is available for free.

Optimized for the web

Another great thing about a WordPress-based website is that it is optimized for the Internet. It has a lot of search engine optimization (SEO) tools that web developers can use to get people to visit their websites. It has been reported that WordPress-based websites and blogs tend to have higher rankings in a search engine’s results list. A high ranking in a results list can mean more traffic for a website which translates to more business and higher income.

WordPress support all over the world

WordPress has a lot of user and developer support online. There are plenty of forums and websites that offer troubleshooting advice if a web developer or website owner encounters a problem. There are also step-by-step tutorial videos on installation, setting up a blog or a website, and fixing bugs on WordPress. WordPress users also hold conferences from time to time to discuss various topics about it.

Written by Ericka who works for RFK Solutions a Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation company in Scotland, UK.

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